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My (worldwide) community

Yesterday, in Johannesburg as Catherine and I met up with Sharon; one of my friends I have I gained over my life journey so far, I am moved and feeling nostalgic with all the people I have met during my brief life; thus far.

I have served in various churches, lived in different towns… growing my friends, family and worldwide community.

The greatest thing about serving in any church is the community you discover and develop and sometimes some of those folk, will stay on in your life as the years roll by.

From influential youth ministry relationships
To go ‘Saffa’ friends living in the UK
To other friends scattered around this rainbow nation and other countries in the world.
To people during my ski season or PGL antics
To other events such as Arrive in Africa.

I am thankful.
The hardest part of leaving a town, is having to say goodbye to all those good people.

But thanks to email, whatsapp, Facebook and Skype I have managed to stay in touch and keep many of these friendships growing.

God, thank you for the all these incredible people in my life.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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