Poem 15 – Free Wheeling

Free Wheeling
26 March 2014

There is this game I play
Late at night when most of you are sleeping
Oh, these streets are so quiet.
There is a part where I can put foot (as they say)
And pick up a lot of speed…

Then, I put the car in neutral
And let it do its own thing
Man and machine
Seeing if they can do the challenge
All the way, from here….

Your televisions are off
Your beds are warm
Your day has drawn to an end
And we come free-wheeling past
Dare us, to disturb the peace…

Oh no, we like this moment of serenity
As your house numbers swoosh past us
The momentum of neutral…

poem 15

Thanks to amberafrica for her pic. This boy pushing his bike captured the title “free wheeling” for me. Artistic flare, I guess 🙂

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