Poem 24 – I lied in these words

I lied in these words
31 March 2014

I lied in these words.
I felt I was going to fail
I was not going to make the deadline…
Would I submit the story in time?

24 hours ago I felt like a failure
The task at hand seemed so large
Yet the human spirit was bigger.
These creative juices within just spilled all over

As words flowed from my fingers and imagination.
I was going to throw in the towel.
But instead I stood up for another around.
From 500 words… things seemed pretty dismal

An hour in the gravely hours of the morning
Another 500 words were added….
The goal all of a sudden seemed attainable.
Tick tack tick tack

You could hear the clicking of the keys on my laptop
My fingers battled to keep up with the creativity
Springing forth
It’s as if I had some Divine help…
All things are possible right?


(To READ the story I wrote that morning click HERE)

poem 24

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