Poem 40 – Birds on Telephone poles

END of the 40 Days of Poems:

If you’ve journeyed with me over the last few weeks with these 40 poems (that I have published almost every day).
Thank you for coming along. Hope you’ve enjoyed them.

In December, before Christmas… I will be presenting a short story 
called “12 Days of Christmas.”

So watch this space…

Thanks to Amberafrica for adding some pictures to this series 🙂

Poem 40

(Okay this is not quite a telephone pole…;))

Poem 40 – Birds on Telephone poles
15 April 2014

Here we are perched above you busy people
You race by, I wonder if we catch your eye
As we scan the land for food, you speed on
Not looking up

The view from here is interesting
You’ve labelled us birds of prey
That word “prey” seems so condescending
As if we’re taking advantage of the weak…

Mind you, that’s what your species looks like from this angle
You preying on the weak to get where you want
Success is you climbing a ladder
Where others become the rungs you stand upon…

We’ve also been labelled majestic
Yet you miss us so often.
So focused on what’s in front of you
You miss the pending beauty above.

What is the hurry?
Why are you letting life swallow you?
We perch. We pause.
Maybe you should do the same?

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