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“Hey Bartender!”

I discovered something I quite like doing.
That’s being a barman.
Here at our venue Hoogeind Manor we get to host weddings and parties.
On some occasions I get to work as a barman for that particular gig!

I love it!
Last night as I chatted with the customers and poured their drinks, I was in element.
Community, sharing stories and even good music in the background.

Often there is a negative stigma placed on people being at the bar.
But the positive side should be appreciated too:
People get to connect with others.
They get to unwind.
They get to slow down and relax.
They get to meet people.
They get to celebrate.
They get to share their concerns. (Sometimes with the barman themselves) or a fellow customer.

I thought of one of my top 5 Dave Matthews Band songs:


If I go before I’m old
Oh brother of mine please don’t forget me if I go
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free, after three days in the ground

Oh and if I die before my time
Oh sweet sister of mine please don’t regret me if I go
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground

I’m on bended knee I pray Bartender please
Oh when I was young I didn’t think about it,
But now I can’t get it out of my mind
I’m on bended knee please father please

Oh if all this gold, should steal my soul away
Oh dear mother of mine, please redirect me if this gold
Bartender you see, this wine that’s drinking me
Came from the vine that strung Judas from the devil’s tree roots
Deep deep in the ground

Bartender you see, this wine that’s drinking me
Came from the vine that strung Judas from the devil’s tree roots
Deep deep in the ground
I’m on bended knee I pray Bartender please
I’m on bended knee please mama please
Oh when I was young I didn’t think about it,
But now I just want to run and hide
I’m on bended knee Bartender please

i) What do you think is the message of the song?
ii) I like the passion in how Dave sings the song.
iii) I also like to creative mention of wine and Jesus and Judas placed in the lyrics.
iv) How the does the song make you feel?

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Interview at a coffee shop

The two ladies sat across from one another as the one was interviewing the other.

IMG_9663 (Medium).JPG

I thought of the brilliance of an interview in a coffee shop:

The ambiance of a coffee shop would make one feel comfortable.
Having coffee, generally relaxes people.
A public place is always a good place to meet.

This gives the employer an opportunity to see how their “possible future” employee acts in ordinary life:
How do they treat the waiter or waitress?
Do they have manners: saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
Do they pay attention to the name of the person who served them?
Do they take out their wallet first to pay for the coffees?
Do they give a tip?
How do they interact with the distractions and people around them.

I believe in all those things, one can get a good idea of a person, without the “usual” interview questions.

Do you agree?

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Long Drive Thinking

These cars backed up for miles
Making the once forty minute journey
Become a three hour one…
And as “Paradise” plays on the stereo
My mind drifts to you and I.

(Not my pic! And the traffic today was far worse and in wet conditions.)

These long drives allow me to process things.
The song fades into the background.
The passengers chatter among themselves
And the volume of my thoughts increase

I thought about how we didn’t know that our last kiss
Would be the last one…
The many lasts we experienced, we didn’t particular think,
That that time would be it…

Looking back
The signs of “no go” where there
But we were stubborn, we were reckless.
We gave it a shot
“Shotgun” plays on the stereo…

I drift back to the steering wheel
Thankful for times to process things.
Because hiding the need to deal with this –
In busyness; would not be helpful.

I don’t write for an audience or for likes.
I don’t write for your attention.
I enjoy written words.
I write to help me unpack things.
If my thoughts and observations help another. Brilliant!
I heard this concept “the wounded healer”
I like that. We all carry wounds. With our wounds, we may even help others…

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You said you wished you could fit into those love songs
That you hear on the radio
But who would want to be surrounded by verses and bridges
And choruses – what an ugly tangle that would be?

You said you never felt like the subject
Of those love songs (from me)
But how could I ever?
I never wrote darn songs

But what about all the hand written notes
I sometimes gave
In the cards,
Those were words I wrote

But again my words
Became a noise of vowels and consonants
The weight of spoken words
Took away the value of the written ones

I’m sorry for those words
My tongue got the better of me
So often
I can take them back…

But I know One who has the final Word.
And He was the first Word too.
I pray, that His words
Would sing over you the sweetest new song…

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A time to…

My mind calls my attention to
The ancient wisdom found in the third chapter
“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens”

Oh how true and relevant
There are good days
And there are sad days
And we won’t go back in time

Today they said “I do”
And I am reminded of how we said “we’re done”
There is a time for everything
Good moments and bad.

They announced the arrival of their little one to the world…
And our world has ended…
Life and it’s various clocks.
Each person holding a different time.

Time heals

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Technology and tiredness

I had this little thought earlier today.
Spending time with my students; I see that they are often tired.
I wondered why that is?

Yes, I think good sleep is necessary.
And definitely a healthy diet adds to healthy living.

But I think this is also the signs of the times that we’re in – with the advance of technology there is constantly a lot of “info overload”.

And there is a general life fatigue among people.

So perhaps, like this well known quote suggests:

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Anne Lamott

Maybe we need to do just that:

Take a walk along the beach. Leave your phone behind (no need to take another sunset over the ocean picture.)
Take your dog for a walk. Leave your phone at home (no need to update your status about walking your dog. We don’t care!)
Have a nap. (better still; lie on a blanket in your yard)
Go sit in the garden. Just sit. (Again, leave that darn phone behind)
Go sit in a coffee shop: with just you and the mug. (No, you don’t need to instagram what your coffee looks like. We’ve seen hundreds of those already.)
Go have a beer. Talk to strangers. or just sit there and watch the world go by.

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Speed kills (Can one be too driven?)

Met this barista on the weekend:

Coupled with a conversation with him and also some thoughts that have been swimming in my head for the past while… I thought of this:

(And weirdly, I think I have blogged something similar in the last few months. Just can’t recall exactly when…)

To have drive / to be driven is good.
But can one be too driven?

And could one mistake drive for passion?

(I don’t think they’re always the same thing.)

I guess, the word “driven” can carry negative connotations.

To be too driven could lead to:

seeing people as projects
seeing people as rungs to step upon
seeing people as a means to money

We push the whole “driven” thing too much in Christianity too:

are you be profitable for the kingdom?
are you winning souls for Jesus?
are you changing the world?

So this barista had a term he offered: “I don’t just offer coffee, I offer a lifestyle.”

I like that.

You see, after a bit of conversation, you’d know that this guy has own (and managed) six restaurants previously in Franschoek and other posh places.

Now he serves coffee from the back of his van in a town called Kleinmond.
He has a few tables in a parking lot.
People come for coffee and conversation.

I was so inspired.
He loves what he does. How he lives.
Nothing flashy… but his words were so life-giving.
And his coffee very good too.

Hear me out, to not be driven, doesn’t mean one must be lazy.

One should still work hard.
One should still show commitment to the task at hand.
Being passionate about requires of you to give your best too.

In Christianity we give young adults a complex after their teen years where we throw the “driven gospel” too much at them:

They are wrapped in guilt when they reach their mid twenties – wondering what good they have been for God?
Then we life involves work, dating or being married, focusing on kids – they feel guilty because they’re not “winning people for Jesus”

Stop it!

Christianity is relationship with Jesus.
Be passionate about that.

And that is simply loving well.
Living inspired and with wonder.
Helping your immediate circle of family and friends.
Being a good employee.
A kind friend.
A loving husband or wife.
An aware human being. Aware of the world around us: nature and people.

That’s my thoughts for now.

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Two Dances…


The First Dance

Oh, how we have been stepping out of time for so long
I stub your toe
You do the same to me
We’ve been listening to different melodies for awhile now

When I took your hand
Hoping to lead this sweet move
How we got it all wrong
The swirl, the collision
I must have two left feet?

Where fingers once entwined
We now dance further than arms lengths away
These feet and more ache
So it’s time we took off these blue (was it red?) suede shoes?

The Second Dance

Dance, was Your idea all along
I come to You, head bowed
Sacred that I do it wrong,
Kicking Your shins

I look down, there is only one set of feet beneath me.
Am I dancing alone?
Would You put me on this floor to embarrass me?
You whisper: “Look down again”

My feet are not touching the ground.
I am standing on Your feet.
You’re leading me into a new dance.
Into a new song.

You hold me close.
I hear Your heartbeat.
Oh, how You love me.
Thank You for this dance.

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Little Tidbits

A set of thoughts put together:

The Shack (the movie)
On Good Friday, I thought watching this movie would be fitting. (I have read the book many years ago.)
Meeting Papa again was so good.
Watching the movie, reminded me of things. Helped me “let go” some things in my life now. I even had tears.
The picture this movie portrays of the relational God is so heart-warming.
(If people would take time to hear and see that God, how things for them would change. A whole new world and way of life.)

People on the mountain

As I was walking down Lion’s Head yesterday, a guy named Ben, said to me “oh you, again.”
I had clearly passed him earlier on the ascent. We got chatting. He introduced me to his husband. They’re both from Los Angeles visiting South Africa for the first time. They had come from Kruger and were in Cape Town for a few days doing the sites.
We chatted for a few hundred metres, then I bid him farewell.
A pleasant exchange among strangers. I doubt I will ever see he and his husband again. But it was great to experience a brief moment of community.
And then I ran off, down the rest of the mountain. To my next activity for the day.
(The funny thing, about this little thought is that there are probably some judgemental people stuck on the phrase: “he and his husband.”)

In paradise, surrounded by trash

I liked experiencing Lions Head.
Although overly commercial. I’m not good with judging the size of crowds but I am most certain there were over 500 people on the mountain either going up or coming down.
This hike is like the “McDonald’s of Takeaways”
What detracted from the whole experience, for me, was the litter on the top of the mountain. You can stand on top of Lion’s Head and take in a 360 degree view of your surroundings. It’s breathtaking! It’s a glimpse of paradise…

BUT, all alongside the view point at the top are plastic bottles.
People have just tossed them!
How can one stand in such a beautiful place and just toss their rubbish?
So trashy of people to do such a thing! (Yes, wear the judgement if that’s you.)

I managed to find two plastic bags and bring down some of that litter.

TOUR GUIDE REQUEST or TOURIST REQUEST: When you climb Lion’s Head… please bring a plastic bag to collect some of the rubbish up there. Thank you!


Old people in church
In church this morning, I noticed some of the old people coming up to the rail from communion. Some walked very slowly forward. Their aging limbs make it a struggle.
But I looked upon them with admiration.
All these years, they’ve been in church. But more so. They’ve experienced God.
They carry lots of stories.
Stories of sadness, of joy, of betrayal, of faith, of humour, of struggle, of victory.
They have been grandparents, parents, a spouse to another.
They may have said goodbye to a few loved ones.
They may even feel lonely at times. Or frustrated. The new “fast world” can be exhausting for them.
But I look upon them with admiration.
In all of it, they have journeying with God.
Holding onto Him.

Holy Communion

There were quite a few people in church this morning. (Probably, that whole “It’s Easter – we should make an appearance in church sort of thing”) But regardless – all are welcome. 🙂
The point is; when the elements were being served for communion. And the ushers were leading us forward to the rail – the whole time of communion because “lengthy”.
BUT I PUT THAT in “inverted commas” on purpose.

Was it really lengthy?
Again I say: NO!

I thought of this image I have inserted below. Two people spending time together.
Sometimes the space between is filled with words. And sometimes there is just silence there.

Can that not be the same for you and God?
I like that.
After we have had the bread and wine and return to our seats…
Why do we let our minds wonder?
What do we get agitated if we “have to wait too long”?
Could we shift our thoughts from wondering what is for lunch or what our wee ahead looks like and simply just talking (or sit in silence) with our Father God?
Maybe those 10 minutes are very life giving. If we allow it to be.
Pause, listen, speak to Him, or listen to Him.
But be present in those spare moments.

Because, yes the week ahead may get busy.
It may get full.
So there in church, be there, with Him.

cafe sit together

Sitting with my Aunt (travel stories)

On Thurs night my aunt stayed over and we had a good catch up.
She told me about her trip doing the famous Spanish pilgrimage: The Camino de Santiago
It was so nice to hear about it. I was inspired by what God did with her on that trip.
I just liked the moment. Sharing stories.
If we pause, listen well to people.
We’ll learn things about them.


We were sons of insurrection, doomed to face the dark alone.
‘Till vicarious perfection, dearly won, was made our own.
So where’s your landslide, where’s your victory?
Tell me now, where’s your sting?
Unassailable you waited, the great enemy of man,
’till your awful jaws were sated, and we were ransomed from your hand.
Now that you have been disarmed,
We will cross over unharmed.

How good are these lyrics by Thrice?
Perhaps fitting for Easter?
Death has no sting…

Listen to the song below:

Thanks for visiting here. Have a good week ahead!

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Choose your words carefully (Mark 11: 5)

Choosing our words is important.

When it comes to the scriptures, I wish all people had a good knowledge of Greek and Hebrew – then we’d all understand the full extent and depth of the ancient scriptures that is so rife with wisdom and life.
But with it being translated over the years to various languages – sometimes the proper (or full) meaning has got lost. (Another post for another time.)

But check out Mark 11: 5 that I read and heard this morning:

(New International Version)
Some people standing there asked, “What are you doing, untying that colt?”


(New Living Translation)
As they were untying it, some bystanders demanded, “What are you doing, untying that colt?”

Do you see how one word changes the tense of the scripture?
And how one word could “change the mood.” ?

I looked up a few translations and most use the words “asked” or “said.”

It’s only the New Living Translation above that uses the word: demanded.

When you read the word: asked – it shows the bystanders (people) being less aggressive and rather; just curious.

But the word: demanded – sounds aggressive, doesn’t it? It sounds domineering!

The lesson that you and I can take from this is how well do you we use our words in the way we communicate to others?

Sometimes just changing one word… can do a lot of good.

I think of this very old clip that was viewed a number of years again. Check it out here:

Use your words well!