Poem 30 – 1854

3 April 2014

Before there was colour TV
Was life in black and white?
I know it wasn’t
My mind tries to wander…
Wondering that far back

What was life like then?
I would love to teleport back there for a week.
How did people talk to each other?
Simply, with their mouths.
No tweets, no email, no Instagram

What did those youngsters do for fun?
Not cooped up playing Xbox
Watching downloaded films
Using these two words too much:
“I’m bored”

How was the pace of life?
Was stress a distant “concept” back then
Unlike these modern times
People wearing it like a coat
Oh 1854

And getting around?
People probably didn’t rush
Walking to and fro and the elite had bicycles
There was no 24 hour courier service
Why are we rushing so, today?

What was dating like?
Guys didn’t sleep with girls
Then walk out the room saying hi to the parents
Old fashioned ways
Are seeming far better…

Plus 160 years later
Oh how we have progressed?
Forwards or backwards?
Two sides of a coin
Oh 1854

poem 30

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