Poem 18 – Runners and walkers

Runners and walkers
28 March 2014

I don’t think we’ve spoken before
But we seem to run past good friends
There is this “jogger’s code”
When we run past, won’t you nod your head
And or under exhausted breath say hello

I guess at dusk and dawn these roads belong to us
We will run as friends pioneering new lands
And awakening tired muscles
We are alive
This our time, so we greet in appreciation of this ownership

I remember a time of English origin
When walking was ever more common among our folk
We would never have to look over our shoulders; but only
(In hearing a fellow greeting)
I long for that again

The view of life from this level
The smell of the moist air
The sound of the leaves crumpling beneath my shoes
Each pace packed with thoughts and health
The world needs to slow down. (Will you?)

Poem 18

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