Poem 22 – Missing the deadline but not the lesson

Missing the deadline but not the lesson
31 March 2014

The glass shatters and the coffee powder spreads everywhere
As the jar falls to the floor
A rescue mission at 3am
Sweeping up the remnants

Sometimes the little misfortunes of life
Can be signs and sirens of things bigger…
I missed the deadline
To a writing competition

I sit with disappointment
Who seems so awfully loud?
‘Will you amount to something’, she says?
I wonder the same

Procrastination has a name and a face
It pulls me in a thousand directions
Of pointless objectives
I missed the deadline
(But not the lesson)

I need to move forward with these words and actions
I’ve got chapters to create
I’ve character to develop
I need a way out
(Time to rise)


–  thanks to amberafrica for the picture… depicted someone feeling “trapped” the theme of today’s poem…

poem 22

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