Poem 23 – On the platform

On the platform
1 April 2014

I wait and you wait
They all wait.
Us little ants marching
To steal a phrase…
We’re all packed with stories

The end of the day
Carrying a weight. Externally and most definitely internally
He puts on his headphones to shut off the noise
It’s home time

Shall I go speak to her?
Why does any guy attempt to speak to a girl?
Not just to ask the time… hey, wait aren’t I wearing a watch already…
We love connection
Attraction is common to all people.

But this time. I’d like to think
This was about working on confidence.
Can I speak to random strangers; easily?
And so I do
Her on the platform. And I, there too

Exchanged greetings and stories
Sitting in the same cabin
Continuing the conversation
A new friendship was born
For a brief period.

So on that platform you stand
You wait for transport….
But who knew,
Connection is waiting too…
To be made.

poem 23

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