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Only a few thin pages (Advent 12)

Jesus, I’m upset with You,
Your life spread across only a few thin pages.
We learn a lot,
But I long for the in-between

Actually, I’m not upset with You,
I’m upset with the gospel writers
For not adding more content:

About Your laughter
The light hearted conversations along those dusty roads.
Your catching Your own breath as You marvel at the stars above that You put there in the first place…

Actually, I’m upset with Christian readers, who lack the imagination to see you between those thin pages and verses.
To see you splashing Your disciples and giggling about.
What?! Could the Son of God, chuckle?

After all Your word
Is written
It’s in the creativity
It’s in the inspiration and imagination
Your Word is in me.
More than thin pages and small fine print.

After all, that’s what it’s about;
The Word became Flesh.

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Open 24 Hours (Advent 11)

It’s 3pm.
Before fetching the kids, I’ll pop into the store.
Does my family know all that I do?
My tired feet shuffle along the floor.
I would love to hear: “Mum, I thank you.”

It’s 1am.
A handful of us walk these aisles
Do they even notice me?
This loneliness stretches for miles
I wish I had someone to see?

It’s 6am
Most of the world still snug in bed.
These dark days…
Oh, all these thoughts in my head.
Will someone please hold my gaze…

3pm. 1am. 6am.
John 3:16
For God so loved
The world
He came for you and me
24 hours of every day.
He sees you each step of the way.

Fret, no more
The Lord is near

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Bokomo, since 1930 (Advent 8)


Sitting in the pages of my bible lies a bookmark
Made for me by my niece
I can’t tell what it is,
But I love it!

Created so artistically for me
By her young hands and heart
I keep it near to me
This lovely sentimental gesture

How God, I believe You do the same
I’ve probably “given” You
Silly attempts of worship and loyalty and focus
And yet, You keep me near to You

More than sentimental
More than sacred
More than sincere
My Saviour,
You came near.

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Mulled Wine (Advent 7)

I hold the glass
Up to my face
The warmth brushes against my cheek

As penned before
That warmth reminds me of You

As the market hustles around me
Holding this drink,
The world stills
I remember, You saying: Be still and know

Oh that taste of wine
So sweet, so satisfying
How You are Lord, satisfy my soul

Wine, usually – to remember what You did
A think we ponder on – backwards
But with this glass in hand
It’s right here, with You I stand
A present moment
A present gratitude

Disclaimer: This idea isn’t very unique. Richard Foster wrote a prayer called The Coffee Prayer.

Discovering that earlier in my Christian years – I was so thrilled. I could meet with God in the most ordirnary ways.

At Coffee Time 🙂

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Reindeer chasing tails (Advent 5)

Maybe they had too much mulled wine
But I saw Santa’s reindeer
Spinning in circles
Chasing their tails
It looked ridiculous!

Then I looked in the mirror
Of humanity
How we all do the same
Chasing our tails
Running around aimlessly (so it seems)

Tree is up. Check
Gifts bought. Check
Stocking filled. Check
Turkey purchased. Check
Greeting cards sent. Check

Pausing to think and be thankful for my loved ones. Not checked yet
Thinking about That Baby in the manger. Our Saviour. Not checked yet
Celebrating Jesus. Not checked yet

There are two check lists.
The first is often easier to complete…

Don’t miss it.
The Reason for the season. Check.

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Tradition (Advent 4)

I know some people so set in their ways
I like visiting them
But I feel like I can be
“The bull in a China shop”
To their world

Disrupting their rhythms
Sometimes, I do it on purpose
Hoping to loosen them up a bit
Oh, how we all have our traditions

Things we do.
Patterns we follow
Some have annual Christmas traditions
Placing a piece of decoration
On the tree
Leading all the way to Christmas eve

Or people fil their playlists
With only Christmas tunes
Or the “elf on the shelf”
Up to “it’s” usual antics…

Oh, how I can disrupt some people’s traditions…
But that disruption reminds me of a Holy one.
God, you stepped into our world.
Light took on flesh
Stepping into our mess

Thanks for disrupting my life.

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Dancing Leaves (Advent 3)

The M25 is alive
With cars backed up
As they hurry by
I notice the dancing leaves

They’re dancing between the cars
Above the lines on the road
Orange and brown
A reckless abandon

Do they notice, those closed up
In boxes on 4 wheels
Thinking about another box (gift) they need to wrap
Their minds are elsewhere

Miles away…
They glance at their mileage
The leaves wanting to entertain (them)
The M25 is alive

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Writing Cards (Advent 2)

Pen in hand
Card on the table
I think about my loved ones
Friends and family,
One of the (sometimes) unrealised gifts,

We write our messages out of fondness
Hopefully, not out of duty (?)
As you jot down those sentiments
Offer a prayer too
Gifts with names and skin

Oh great Author
How you have written over my life
Chapters of grace
How I see Your hand in the details…
You write me in Love

The men and women who will carry these cards
Wrapped in festive colours
Dutifully, delivering it to the correct addresses
Bless their lives
The unseen carriers of loving words