16 things I learnt at GLS 2015:

On the weekend, my wife and I went to the Global Leadership Summit

This is probably the 3rd GLS conference I have been to. There is always so much to learn. So I decided to capture one (or more) liners and share with you. Who knows maybe even this summary of the conference… may encourage you in some way:


1) “I think I can, I think I can.”

2) Self-sacrificing love needs to be at the core of all you do.

3) Bring back “old fashioned” loving one another.

4) You do not need to be a charismatic leader to lead a charismatic cause.

5) Money is essential for life, but not the point of life.

6) “I’m not failing. I am growing.”

7) (Hotel Industry) “Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”

8) Hire to be part of a purpose. Don’t hire “for a job”

9) Speak out “dumb ideas” Jesus can still use seemingly dumb ideas.

10) Listen to music. More often

11) “I don’t want a job I am qualified for; because then I won’t have anything new to learn.”

12) With too much knowledge you can be in the danger of making assumptions.

13) One of the signs that you’re are on a plateau:

– busy but bored (can be so soul sucking!)

14) Change your self-talk

15) What are your blind spots? Ask a trusted friend or loved one to point them out to you.


New World Order (the rise of)

I love P.O.D.
They’re still a band with a purpose.
A band with a good message.
One of the songs off their latest album; The Awakening is called:

The Rise of NWO

In this interview they explain the meaning and idea behind the song:

Here is the actual song:

And here are the lyrics:

Black magic, vile havoc, destructive habits
Violates, illuminates into your mind labyrinth
Threefold sixes, sick, twisted sadistic
Maniacal optics emerges through your power systems
Service in secrecy, theories of conspiracy
End times prophecy, round table, freemasonry
The open scheme, forth Reich Illuminati
Protocols of a brave New Age alien raid philosophy

Staring Evil in the eye!
(Are you ready for the rise)
Staring Evil in the eye!
(Of the New World Order?) [x2]

Black crows to souls sold at the crossroads
Bar codes, evolution, maybe the pope knows
Mind altering, population control
Global surveillance, big brother. Enjoy the show?
The final piece, the false priest with false peace
These prophecies, will arise from the middle east
Economy, religion, politics we all need
But I will never take your mark of the beast!

Staring Evil in the eye!
(Are you ready for the rise)
Staring Evil in the eye!
(Of the New World Order?) [x2]

Staring Evil in the eye!
(Are you ready for the rise)
Staring Evil in the eye!
(Of the New World Order?)…

I like the angst of it. I like the conviction in it.
Are you ready to rise?
How does the song make you feel? what is the message of it for you?

The 15 Best Album Covers (and songs you need to…)

Listen to…
Sometimes, you can’t “judge a book (or album) by it’s cover” but I really do appreciate when a band puts a lot of effort into their album cover. Here are my 15 favourite (In No particular order). I’ve also added a song from each album that you should listen to:

1) POD – The Awakening

download (1)

-You can sense the “storm” the man in the picture is going through.
– First Music Video of the album.

2) POD – The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

download (2)

-Probably my favourite album cover of all time. There is just so much going on in this picture. Hope, love, freedom, redemption, struggle, faith. What do you get of this cover?
– Remember where you come from? remember your roots. SOUTHTOWN

3) Underoath – Define the Great Line


-This man has an internal war going on. This cover depicts that well.
– My favourite Underoath SONG – You’re ever so inviting

4) The Used – In love and death

download (4)

-Love is a beautiful thing. Love is tough.
All that I’ve got

5) Incubus – Light Grenades

download (5)

-Very arty this cover. Interesting concept here.
– An interesting type love song. “we all have someone who digs at us”

6) Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King


-In honour of the late Leroi Moore. The picture celebrates his life. And seems to ask questions of life and death.
– Their LIVE SHOWS are one of the best in the world.

7) Damien Rice – My Favourite Faded Fantasy


-I don’t know. I like the “drawn” feeling of this cover.
– His voice will CHANGE YOU

8) Anberlin – Never take friendship personal


-Just keep looking at the head. It’ll come to you…
– One of the bands first music videos

9) Biffy Clyro – Opposites

download (3)

-This artwork goes with the ‘opposite’ lyrics this album presents…
– First SINGLE off the album.

10) Chevelle – This type of thinking


-Kinda weird. But kinda cool.
– He looks like Johnny Knoxville I reckon…

11) Emery – I’m only a man


-The whole album looks at man and sin and is against judging others. So the mirror of the cover is so fitting.
– The one of the more straight out rockier songs off the album.

12) Jon Foreman – Spring EP


-I like that this album cover was hand drawn. And there is hope in it.
Your love is strong “Heavenly Father, you always amaze me”

13) Jamie Cullum – The Pursuit


-Wow! A piano blown into pieces, always looks cool.
– Please don’t stop the music

14) Paramore – All we know is falling

download (7)

-A random red couch out in the open. Respect!
– This SONG probably drew the world’s attention to Paramore.

15) Muse – The Resistance

download (6)

-Psychedelic! Busy!
– This band keep releasing brilliant albums and songs. Some call it an Uprising

Now, what album cover would you add to this list?

Rock of Ages – cleft for me

At my late father in law’s memorial service on Friday, we sang the beautiful hymn; Rock of Ages.

My wife and I spoke wondered about the meaning of “cleft for me

We discovered a brilliant explanation:

The line is: “Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee.” So figuratively, Christ is a solid, immovable, steady, unchanging rock, and has something to do with being “cleft” or “cleaved” on for me – so there’s a split in the rock that I can hide in. OK. Still lost on “cleft” a little.

cleft: noun [kleft] definition: 1. a space or opening made by or as if by splitting, 2. split or sever (something), esp. along a natural line or grain, 3. make a way through (something) forcefully, as if by splitting it apart.

Isn’t that a beautiful image?
We can hide in God.
And we will be safe in God.

Very encouraging indeed.

Here is a great rendition of that song:

God and rugby


Only 3 people came to church last night.  So we had decided to cancel it.
I didn’t mind; I got to go for a beer instead. ;)
But I had prepared a message on “God and rugby” and thought I’d still share it. Some thoughts. Take them or leave them:


I feel very unqualified to talk about a rugby.
Perhaps, I’m not even a ‘real’ South African… I’m not a rugby fan at all.
I love football. That’s my thing!
Anyway, I thought, our church, we, need to be relevant. So let’s look at the World Cup Rugby and see what we could learn.

Regardless of not being a fan, I did enjoy this interception try:

So, can I share some numbers with you?


Makes you feel good, right?
Makes you feel proud?

Let me put up some more numbers:


Now how do you feel?
Hmm, did you see what happened on Facebook and other social media the day after?
Were the comments positive?
Far from it…
People were hurtful with their words and posts…

How are we all so emotionally attached to sport?
And then sometimes we’re so emotionally detached from people…and God?

– South Africans are spirited people. We are passionate with our support. We celebrate well. We fall hard. It’s our spirit.
– The unifying community created by supporters is incredible.
– Remember the movie, Invictus? Nelson Mandela used “sport” (namely rugby) as a common language among the people (white & black) of South Africa.
– And is there not something so magical being at a live game? In that moment, the cares of the world fade away in the background.

So there are definitely positives!
And maybe it’s easy to be excited about sport because it’s so tangible!
We can be at the stadium.
Watch the game on TV.
Read up all the sports news.
Follow the lives of the players.

– Like many things, have we also made an IDOL of sport?
– Our teams are more important than the very essence of our lives?

I read an article recently about an American who visited the UK recently and he observed this: In England…

“Football is a religion. Religion is a sport.”

Could that be substituted with ‘rugby’?

– Okay, so sport is easy to follow and get into it. It’s so tangible!
– Question, how is God still tangible?

i) Some would say through scripture.
ii) Perhaps another human being? – When I hang out with my niece or nephew; and sense their wonder and see life through their eyes. There is a tangible moment of God through them.
iii) A “peace” that you feel inside. I’ve felt that. I’ve heard others talk about that. How do ‘argue’ with that feeling? That calm…
iv) A FREEDOM we feel. With faith in God, people have felt truly FREE

– Free from an addiction.
– Free from the opinion of others.
– Free from a stronghold.
v) Or how about creation:


Seriously, I am faced with all sorts in creation and I am fascinated! There is something far Bigger behind all that. I find confidence, in declaring that the Creator of it, is God.

– When I go for a run or play some football. I am always thankful that I can run. I am thankful for my health.
– I always think of my dad (some of you have met him already). He had a stroke 8 years ago. He can’t walk very far. He’d give anything to go for a good hike in the Drakensberg again.
– So when I hear people complain “it’s too far to walk” Seriously?!
– I used to run a sports ministry down in Hillcrest. An inter church soccer tournament. I insisted that we start off each game with a prayer. Just to thank God for our health. The ability to run and play.

Also on the topic of health; I sometimes try and imagine (and yet I can’t) how difficult this must be:


Hebrews 12:
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3 Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Isn’t that a great image?
A cloud of witness supporting you.
When a church does community well; that’s a beautiful thing!

I always wonder how it must feel as a Springbok player (or any country) to run onto the field… and have all those fans and supporters cheering you on.
To have that honour of playing for your country.

Perhaps, there is a link there.
We get to “represent” God.

How do we do that? “Fix our eyes on Jesus”
Hmm, maybe… there is an ACTUAL way of making things with God tangible…

A humble little lady

Meet Aunty Sally.
She is a small elderly lady of 83 years.
She preached in our church this morning.
And wow, did she blow us away with such a powerful and yet so simple message:

God is faithful
God cares for you

Somehow the words came out of her with such conviction.
They came out with such encouragement.
Used as Isaiah 43 as the basis of her message:


God knows you by name.
He really cares for you.
Sometimes from the most humble places (or people)… God speaks clearly.


I like to pay attention to life’s little connections.
Today’s word of the day is Alexithymia.

Here is it’s meaning

  1. Psychiatry. difficulty in experiencing,expressing, and describing emotional responses.

But as soon as I saw the word arrive on my phone I thought of the song by Anberlin


Don’t try to wake me up
Even if the sun really does come out tomorrow
Don’t believe anything you say
Anymore, in the morn, in the morning
Bricks to this old house are breaking
Steel would have weathered but now forlorning
It’s alarming how loud the silence screams
No warn, no warn, no warning
Addictions fill the table where the family used to sit
And conversate
Conversate to the sounds
To the sounds of a record player
With it’s jumping needle and the lights that grow dim over time

With downcast eyes
There’s more to living than being alive
With downcast eyes
There’s more to living than being alive

Are you where you thought you’d be
So beautiful and only twenty-three
Opposition rests in the hearts
With no, with no, with no opportunity
It’s not that we don’t talk
It’s just no one really listens and honesty fades
Like a politician lost in the course
All smiles and no one remembers our names

With downcast eyes
There’s more to living than being alive
With downcast eyes
There’s more to living than being alive
With downcast eyes
There’s more to living than being alive
With downcast eyes
There’s more to living than being alive

Don’t try to wake me up
Even if the sun really does come out tomorrow
Don’t believe anything I say
Anymore, in the morn, in the morning


Perhaps someone needs to hear this song today…

Take it or leave it..