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Of colours and when you ‘feel blue’

I am so thrilled with the flowers and colours in our garden.  I must give credit to Elliott or the previous owners who threw seeds down in the flowerbed.  This summer the flowers have bloomed with conviction.

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When I look at the flowers each day I can’t help but smile. They’re stunning! It got me thinking about a conversation I had with my brother on feeling depressed.

(Now, I know depression is a complex thing) – and we’re no experts…

But what he and I spoke about made sense. And I am confident it would be helpful.
When one would “feel blue” – one could sit outside in their garden.
Or one could do half an hour exercise.
And now I add, one could tend to a garden. Water the flowers. Take out the weeds.
Or even, get yourself a pet. Caring for a dog, and receiving the love from a dog – would do wonders for anyone…

I think doing these things would help someone who is feeling depressive…

Your thoughts?

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Colours of the week…?

Black Friday. Black is a whole description for a Friday. I see Friday as red.

Speaking of colours of the week. Where does the association of certain colours for certain days of the week come from?

I see:

Monday as black
Tuesday as light green
Wednesday as purple
Thursday as.. probably white?
Friday as red
Saturday as brown
Sunday as pink or orange?

But where do I get that from? Where does that association come from?

Maybe when I was young and we learnt the days of the week…the week day names were written in that colour or where on that colour background?

The mind is a peculiar thing.
Just another random post😉

Better than colours… one should attach emotions as the cure did:

“Friday, I’m in love…”

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A lot can happen in a month


Breathe in. A lot can happen in a month. To-do-list: In no particular order, Christmas play prep. Time with my mom. (She is visiting). Present the Christmas play. Recycle. Football. Preach. Letters to people. Car service? Prep for new job. Read through relevant documents. FAMSA – Christmas Shoe boxes collect and sort. Farewells with friends. Listen. Exercise. Fly to Cape Town. Finish off well. Tune In. Camping trip with St Peters. Collecting Boxes. Packing up our home. Moving company comes to fetch our things. Thankfully, in Him, we live and move and have our being. Breathe out.

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Meet the Children (shoebox Christmas)

Last year, we at St Peters United collected shoeboxes filled with stationery and toiletries and other things. We partnered with FAMSA and blessed these children.   Here are the photo memories of the Christmas Party 2015.

Your charity. Your giving. Your kindness goes to these children.

They’re not faceless or nameless or nobodies!

We aim for 80 gifts this year.

So please get collecting.

Deadline: last week of Nov.

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Claiming back Christmas

I came across this piece (an intro to some online sermon):


I like it!
The preacher sharing her thoughts:
She had felt despondent about Christmas.
The commercial side had swallowed the real purpose of that holy day.
I know I have felt that at times.
Perhaps, you too?

But we can claim back the day!
We can find the beauty in giving gifts to others (bring a smile to them)
Or making or getting well thought about gifts to bless others.
Or asking people instead of getting presents for yourself that they would give you gifts that you could donate to a children’s home or any other charity?

Be creative!

Then when it comes to sharing and making the meal for your loved ones.
Think again, about why you love them.
Send them a personal invite.

Or how about being even more radical!!
Open your home to strangers.
Invite two or three to join in on the festivities?

(I bet, you’re thinking “no way!” – but why not?)

Put back the joy and love and grace into Christmas!
Let’s claim back to festive day!
And phenomenal moment in our Christian calendar

Born is a King, still a relevant King…

Here are some of my favourite Christmas songs if you want to tune in:

  1. Born is the King

2) “So this is how it was…”)

3) Jingle Bells!

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Black and White

This morning on the way to work I noticed a beautiful scene of humanity. Two (white) ladies were sitting in their car that had just broken down. A (black) gentleman had pulled over just in front of them to offer assistance. (Which was simply to push the car away from the busy intersection. Road Assistance were on their way.)

In a town were racism is still rife. This was beautiful to see. A sort of modern (Good Samaritan story).

These stories of black and white need to be mentioned (shared) more. For the continued healing and reconciliation of our country. The journey of recovery is long… but we must take it!

Yes, I should have got out and helped. One of those “in hindsight moments” –> instead I will write about the incident.😉 next time, I’ll stop. Will you endeavour to do the same thing?


And just something extra.  The funniest thing you will watch here:  In Light of the Election

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Don’t write me off
I’m not done yet
I need you to believe in me

You could back off
Count your losses
I’d understand, it’s been done before

How does one break free?
How is the addiction destroyed for good?
How powerful are You actually?

I feel too much
It leaves me frustrated
Is he in Your reach?

It’s hard to see a light
In this dingy place
I feel stuck

Stepping forward into unfamiliar scares me
I revert backwards
It’s all I know

What will be the revelation?
What will be the final breakthrough?
When are You going to do something?

There is more
There is a better ending
A safe place to land

This post is inspired by  a person I know.  My heart breaks thinking about them.   I tried to put myself in their shoes.  Then as I was writing this – I thought of the song by The Almost:

Here are the words for the first verse:

I’m looking for some stable ground
Some kinda place to lay it down
And settle for a while
I’m sick of looking for a star
I won’t show anyone my scars
Can you help me out?
I wanna see a change in me

The rest of the lyrics can be found HERE

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Not just another project…

“Recycling is not just another project, it’s a lifestyle”


The other day, a guy who is currently, working on a church premises, comes up to me (while I’m sorting out the recycling) and says “It’s nice that you’re doing something for nature.”

But they way he delivered the comment was as if he were talking to some kid doing a primary school project.
(Now, I don’t know him well enough to know the intention of the delivery of his comment…) – however it still got me thinking.

I discovered the need for recycling in the UK.
The idea grabbed me and convicted me.
When I got back to South Africa, I could not just go back to life without recycling.
Living in Durban North, I was thrilled that that area did recycling.
Then I moved to Hillcrest. They (the municipality) collected recycling. Perfect! (And the recyclables that they didn’t collect I took once a week to a local depot.)

Then I moved to Secunda. There was no public recycling!😦 That broke my heart.

I would still collect recycling though. (And when I drove through to JHB to visit my friend) – I would bring all the recycling with.

I could just NOT GO BACK to life without recycling.

Fast forward, a year.
The church I work for, has been recycling.
And we take (transport) the recyclables to a local collection centre)

My hope is that this has brought awareness to each person involved.
But so much more than that, a lifestyle change too!

This is sustainable living.

Quite frankly, all businesses should recycle. And definitely churches and christian organisations. One of our very first mandates (instructions) from God is to care for his earth!!

So I am leaving Secunda, end of the year.
The recycling will continue.
For that I am thankful.

I’ve started it.
My prayer and hope is that it will step up to another level.

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Still (a piece)

Stillness, meets me.
We have no need to exchange words.
But we get each other.

The sunlight peers over the outside wall.
It bargains with the window.
Breaking through, it’s warmth kissing my cheek.

I sit here accompanied with the aroma of coffee.
And the scriptures opened.
A ritual this has become – but in fact – so much more than that – a meeting of two hearts.

Listening to the birds outside.
They’re expectant and excited about this day.
They know not to worry.
Singing songs of providence.

Let this day be filled with wonder.
Work done well.
Words spoken tenderly.
The quietness and the busyness of our lives will collide, but will we keep our composure?

(A sneaky disclaimer. Each stanza starts with the letters that spell out the word: S-T-I-L-L.)

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(A Piece) – The window of your life

There is something about this medium
That I really enjoy
No words need to be said
But somehow we still keep in touch


The adage remains true:
“A picture paints a 1000 words.”
A glimpse of your life appears on my feed
Things seem good for you, glad to know.

We may not talk as much anymore
But I am glad that:

You still see life as a gift
You appreciate the small things
You look for (and share) inspiration

So here is another post
And there is another picture
We capture these moments
And share

Life is beautiful!
(It always has been!)