There is art in the Lego Brick

I went to the Art of the Brick in Johannesburg this past Saturday.
It was incredible!

The artwork was magnificent!
This is NOT my work. I just want to share inspiring things:

Nathan Sawaya is the legend behind this art. I tried my best capturing some of it on my little digital:

IMG_3478 (Medium)

“You can’t play on broken strings
You can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel” James Morrison

IMG_3479 (Medium)

“I know I know for sure
That life is beautiful around the world” RHCP

IMG_3482 (Medium)

“My heart and my soul
I give you control
Consume me from the inside out” Hillsong

IMG_3484 (Medium)

IMG_3486 (Medium)

IMG_3493 (Medium)

“Riding high amongst the waves
O I can feel like I
Have a soul that has been saved” Pearl Jam

IMG_3497 (Medium)

IMG_3500 (Medium)

“Standing in line to
See the show tonight
And there’s a light on
Heavy glow” RHCP

IMG_3506 (Medium)

IMG_3507 (Medium)

“Kiss me like you wanna be loved” Ed Sheeran

IMG_3510 (Medium)

“I can change the world
With my own two hands” Ben Harper

IMG_3512 (Medium)

“Off with your head
Dance ’til you’re dead
Heads will roll” Yeah Yeah Yeahs

IMG_3513 (Medium)

“Defined by your skin
Forget we share kin
We’re torn apart
It feels as though we’re sinking” Enter Shikari

IMG_3522 (Medium)

IMG_3527 (Medium)

Brandenburg Gate…

Back in December 2010, I got to explore Berlin with my good friend, Darren.

On a very cold winter night we got to stand before the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

DSC_0398 (Medium)

DSC_0408 (Medium)

Then, last weekend for my Birthday, Darren bought me an awesome LEGO replica of that Bridge.
Last night, I got to create it.

There is a lot of fun and therapy in building LEGO.


And then I realised why I was busy constructing, I was listening to the Switchfoot – Vice Verses album. An album that has actually meant a lot for both of us. Uncanny timing. (I seriously didn’t plan it.)

I am so grateful for my rad friend.
For all the countries I have been to so far.
The sights I have seen.

“I am restless, looking for You.” (Switchfoot)

Sacred Spaces 467– Slow down with the urgency…

22 June 2015 – 

Recently, I had this thought about our view on time and urgency.
Perhaps we’ve got it a little wrong in youth ministry (and the rest of the church too) where we push this massive URGENCY of the need to CHANGE THE WORLD!

We tell teens and young adults to HURRY.
Jesus is coming back.
We tell them their MAIN PURPOSE is to tell others about God, now, now, now…!!!
We tell them to live out their calling!
We tell them to make their teen years count!
Change the world NOW!

I get it.  And I don’t get it?!

The problem comes when people (teens and adults) don’t see any “results”.
What if they are not “converting” others?
What if they cannot find their “calling” in the world?
They may begin to feel like failures.
They may begin to feel ineffective.

Sadly, the urgency brings along guilt too…

A few questions, I want to ask:

  1. The 70 – 90 year olds in our churches – Are they not effective? Did they fail in their youth?
  2. What are we to do with all of the years of our lives? You said Jesus is coming back soon, but ‘I’ve been around for 80 years’ … I’m still waiting (You see where I am going with that?)
  3. How much time must I spend on “saving people for Jesus” ?? Am I allowed to read books, go watch movies, enjoy a day on the beach or visit a nature reserve for a few days?


– God calls us to be fully human.
– Maybe, we are meant to savour each day.
– Savour moments with our friends and loved ones.
– Maybe we’re meant to enjoy life.

Hear me out, I’m not talking about living in ignorance or selfishly.

We ARE called to care for others.
We ARE called to love others.
We ARE called to change the broken things of the world!


As it takes many years to prepare an orchard for harvest
As it takes months for a good wine to mature.
As it takes years to write a book.
As it takes a childhood to raise a child

Perhaps, we need to let go the URGENCY “guilt trip” message we give out.
Life takes time.
Jesus is coming back.

But as God exists “out of time”
Perhaps we can’t measure His return and our mission here by the “time” that we use…

images (Medium)

I hope my rambling makes sense?


“With the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day.” 2 Peter 3: 8

Tree 63 – A million lights (Live gig in Alberton, South Africa)

Last night, I had the rad opportunity of seeing Tree 63 back in action.
After a 7 year hiatus, they were back touring on their new album: Land.

I confess, at first, I arrived a little bit skeptical.

But with a good set list like this:


How could one not be moved. I really enjoyed the songs from their last album: Sunday.

There were times when nostalgia came and stood among us… like when they played their old crowd favourite and anthem: A Million Lights

The new songs off Land, sound very cool and promising. I’m very keen on seeing how Tree 63 rise up again in their particular music industry.

There was an intriguing moment of worship when John led us in “Look what You’ve done for me” and then straight into a grungy and edgy version of Amazing Grace.

I got some pics from where I stood. Not the best shots but here they are:

IMG_3461 (Medium)

IMG_3464 (Medium)

IMG_3465 (Medium)

IMG_3473 (Medium)

IMG_3474 (Medium)

IMG_3476 (Medium)

For some incredible pictures go check out this guy’s work: Dean Cothill
Seriously follow this guy on Instagram. He is a talented photographer who looks like a “Norwegian god” haha!

I want to end this little review off with some lyrics off Tree63’s latest album:

“Even in the storm, the thunder and the lightning, I never was alone, Land, solid dry ground” title track: LAND

Short Story – It was like

I recently entered a short story compo. 250 words with the theme “Load Shedding” which was hosted by WriteSmarter

My entry didn’t win. But of course, I don’t mind. I still love writing. So now that the winner has been announced I can now published my take on this theme:


It was like…

The weather was dull.  The grey clouds invited me to stay indoors.  I grabbed my latest book and made some plunger coffee and then snuggled into the corner of the couch.  I was set.

The Daily Sun lay open on the table beside me.  It displayed this week’s crossword puzzle.  The challenge persuaded me to leave the story.

First clue across. ‘Nickname for South Africa’ starting with R.  Easy one!  Rainbow Nation.  The next clue down.  ‘A former president’s affectionate title’ starting with M.  I jogged my memory and worked it out.  Madiba.

This tug-of-war with the puzzle continued for 30 minutes.  I had two words left to completion.  I stood and stretched.  Switched the kettle on and prepared another coffee.  I stood in the middle of my kitchen peering to the world through the window.  I could hear the occasional dove cooing.  The wind was rustling through the leaves.

I thought of that old adage; “I live in a small house, but my windows look out on a large world.”  I smiled at the mere years of my life and what I had been blessed to see thus far.

But I was stalling.  The missing words lured me back.  I figured out the second to last word.  Final one.  Starting with L: ‘when one lacks power’.  12 letters.  I was out.  I couldn’t see what I needed to do…

Then, it was like a light went on in my mind.  The answer: Load Shedding.

Stolen words

I love words.

I love scrabble.

Recently I ordered this great looking game from Groupon


But after the promised 48 hour delivery period; the game had still not arrived.
So I call Groupon yesterday and inquired why my order had not arrived yet.
They went on to say that the delivery van was unfortunately hijacked (another day in Africa) and my game was among the many things stolen.

I told Catherine about this incident and she cleverly replied:

“I guess they took your words away then. ;)”


100 today!

Today would have been my grandmere’s (my mom’s mom) 100th birthday.

And yesterday (26th) was my oma’s (my dad’s mom) birthday, she passed away on the 30th March 2015.

Two special people in my life.
Just wanted to send a little shout out to them.
Firstly thank you God for enriching the world with two wonderful ladies.

They brought joy to their families
And others around them.

I remember my Grandmere’s gentle warm nature.
She’d often prayed with her rosary.

I remember too when I was sick and would spend the day with her. She took such good care of us.

She even gave my brother and I monthly pocket money even into our twenties. What a generous soul.


My Oma, carried the warmest smile. When she’d see us you could feel the genuine excitement she had in seeing us.
I loved having tea and cookies with her.
She showed so much interest in our lives.

So too both you special ladies.
Happy Birthday and R.I.P.