Song of the week 74 – Everything is Easy (Third Eye Blind)

I felt like resurrecting this series:

– a catchy line from the song
– some music trivia

“You’re gonna be sore
Sore, sore, sore
Sore, sore”

In 1987, Jenkins graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in English Literature – and this degree in English can be noticed in how he compiles some of his lyrics.

Sasol Swap Shop (Recycling Awareness)

On Saturday (30 January 2016) morning I had the incredible privilege of volunteering at the Sasol Swap Shop, just outside Secunda in Embalenhle.
In my four hours of helping I was moved by so many things there:

The dedication of these kids (and their Umama or Ugogo) (Mother / Granny) getting to the Sasol Club early, waiting in the scorching heat to exchange their recycling for the “monetary credit value” to spend in the Sasol Swap Shop.

I’m also impressed with the heart (purpose) of this project. The awareness it creates in those young lives to care for the environment. To live a life of recycling. (And they benefit from it, realizing that recycling pays too. Who knew?)

I captured some of the morning with these images:

IMG_4510 (Medium)IMG_4509 (Medium)

The line was probably a good 50 metres long. (Bearing in mind, each person who brings recycling stuff needs to have their stuff weighed.) So the process does take some time…

When the people get to the front their recycling (plastic, tins and glass) are weighed:

IMG_4515 (Medium).JPG

That weight value is converted to a “monetary credit” value. Each child gets one of these cards with a membership number. (Their info and credit value is stored on the well-designed system):

IMG_4526 (Medium).JPG

These folks who bring their recyclables:

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I imagine them collecting all of this.
They walk around their neighbourhood collecting the litter that is carelessly dispersed by the ignorance of others.

Or they may go to the nearby shebeen  and collect the bottles from them locals have phuza’d (drunk) too much.

I pray and hope that when these youngsters see how tidy and beautiful their homes look with all this recycling happening that they will grow up with a sustainable living ethic embedded in their bones and soul.

So this is what these children (and parents) can buy from the shop:

The shop is well stocked:
Soccer balls (footballs)
Water bottles
Tinned food (Beans / pilchards / rice / tea / peanut butter)
Vaseline / soap / toothpaste
Shampoo / washing soap
Stationery for school
Even bicycles (for those who save up a lot of credit)

Isn’t this such a brilliant idea?!

I’m so thrilled to be part of such a great project just outside Secunda. Kudos to the junior engineers of Sasol (who have already been doing this project for 4 years) – I glad I came across it relatively early in my stay here in Secunda.

Now, I am glad to have motivated and encouraged our church St Peters United to go green and start recycling too.


Our recycling goes to Sizithande Recycling Centre who are linked closely to this Sasol Swop Shop.

– Once our recycling is weighed… that “monetary equivalent value” – will be used to bless one of the local schools in Embalenhle – buying stationery for the learners / scholars.

Here are some more shots from the day – piles of recycling, the team from Sizithande, and others:

Thanks for reading! And remember – whether you are a believer or not – we live in a beautiful world… don’t abuse it! Care for it. Think green.
Coldplay said it best “We live in a beautiful world, yeah we do…”

The ABC’s of good ROCK music!

As all children need to learn their ABC’s… so do those who are introduced to the wide world of (rock) music.  Maybe you have heard of these bands and maybe you haven’t.

For the ones you haven’t – do yourself a favour and go and check them out. Rock on!

(Feel free to click on some of the links and see where they lead you…either a video, song or a band bio)

A – Anberlin – does this song make you feel good?
B – Biffy Clyro – “I pronounce it aluminium, ‘Cause there’s an I next to the U and M”
C – Counting Crows

D – Dave Matthews Band – one of the best live acts I have ever seen.
E – Enter Shikari – this is the first video of theirs I ever saw and fell in love with them :)
F – Funeral for a Friend – this song always takes me into oblivion
G – Gaslight Anthem
H – Hugh Masekela
I – Incubus – you may just DIG this video  (they have a way with lyrics )
J – Jon Foreman (He writes very well.  Profound thoughts)
K – Kings of Leon
M – Mat Kearney


One Black Sheep – fun video here

N – New Volume (a new band on the scene. Friends of mine)
O – Of Monsters and Men – this song of theirs was in this Film
P – P.O.D & (People live here)
Rise against have the ability to both push out hardcore rock songs that have you screaming along and then they can offer these breath taking ballads that make you feel so connected to your humanity.

Q – Queensryche
I discovered this band back in 1993 on the Last Action Hero soundtrack which is actually pretty cool. (The world seemed a lot more innocent back then)

RRelient K
S – Switchfoot & (Sound of Silence)
My wife showed me this video recently.  (A brilliant cover from the band, Disturbed – who we would not expect to do such great justice to the original song.  Captivating!)
T – Twin Forks
I am sure a lot of you haven’t discovered these guys yet. The lead singer is originally from Dashboard Confessional. Folk music at its best.
U – (The) Used – they have always had clever artwork
V – Vocal Few
W – Weezer
X – X – I had to throw on these South African Rock Legends.  I believe to be named after the Springbok Hit Parade compilations.
YYellow Card
Z – Zooropa = – an album from U2.  I really like their song NUMB – one of their better songs!  (Bizarre video too.)

What would your ABC of rock music look like?

My rant about football…what do you think?

This rant (post) has been a long time coming. Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson – and then the arrival of David Moyes – and the crumbling of the Premiere League giants: Manchester United… about two or three seasons back (If I remember correctly)…

Football fascinates me.
Football frustrates me.

I am a unashamed CHELSEA fan.  Yes, we have been struggling at the start of this season big time.  And it’s awesome to be part of their recent rise as their game play is getting far better, in recent times.  (But that’s not my focus now -in this post)

Sometimes football seems to be more about the managers than the players.  There is so much pressure on the managers to get their team to perform well and win.  And then when the team loses a few games, the manager gets sacked.  But seriously, what about the responsibility of the players?

There are 11 “adults” who are on the field too.  Surely their desire is to play well.  To go for the win!  Those players, they represent their Clubs and the fans.  Go and do them proud.  There is only so much a manager can do… ?

If I were a player:  I would be talking with my team mates.  “Guys, how do we play that we can win these games.  We have the skills.  The manager does not get us the result.  We do. So let’s play with more conviction.”  (Well,  something like that.)

My understanding of the role of a manager:

To motivate and encourage the players.
To know how to put these 11 different personalities together.
To work out which players link best together.
The players (being human) have personal issues (every now and then). Good managers know how to deal with these.
To know strengths of each player. And know when to sub a certain player during the game to go on and make an impact or stop the rhythm of the opponents.

(This is just a brief list of a few things they do)

BUT surely the ultimate responsibility of WINNING the actual game RESTS on the players themselves???

Yes, I agree if a manager treats his team (players) badly. Speaks ill of them and to them. If he brings negativity into the team – then I know that will definitely effect the team. Like the whole Mourinho saga.

(I believe he became too obsessed with winning. Blaming refs, opponents, linesmen, non-penalty calls, penalty calls.) – Imagine if he said this to said to his players instead: “Shucks, guys, we lost. We played well. They played well. They just were the better team on the team. Well chin up. Heads up. Let’s do better in the next game.”

However you say it. Just admit the loss. And move on…


Moving on in this rant:

It saddens me how so often footballers seem to be more about the money than the game.
See how players are lured from smaller clubs to bigger ones.
And then, they’re benched? They don’t even play as often as they previously did. (Talk of, a bad career move!)

There aren’t many players who are genuinely loyal to their team, but rather loyal to their career. (Yes, I understand their careers are short. They need to get as much as they can in those few years.)
But seriously – with what the BIG amount they earn, is that really a concern?

The remaining players that seem to be branded (and loyal) to their clubs are Terry (Chelsea) and Rooney (Manchester United). Well, those are all I can think of at the moment. And recently, also Lampard and Gerrard.

Hmm, so the loyalty (well, lack of) of players bug me, too.

A lot of football shows / media news seem to focus way too much on the managers. Like they’re the ones winning the games / scoring the goals!

So was David Moyes really to blame?  And now Louis Van Gaal getting flack.

(I realise, I may sound very ignorant in this post.  Forgive me.  I’m just venting.  I remain with this belief.  Players and managers are both responsible.  I would hate as a player to have the reputation of being in the losing side.  So I will always try bring my A-game.  I would expect the manager to bring us as a team together well.  And to care a little bit about us too.  And then to remind us:  PLAYING FOOTBALL IS FUN!)

Enjoy the game!

Actually it’s the 14 players (included 3 subs) that win (or lose) for the club.
As a player, you wake up and say to yourself that you’re going to do your best for your team. (Well, I hope that is still the motivation!)

For the love of the game.
The joy of good team play.
The ecstasy of fans cheering you on.
The thrill of being alive.

Okay, rant over. (I think I feel better now.)

Be in ‘relationship’ with your (new year’s) resolutions:

Most people, if we’re honest, by the time we get two weeks into the New Year, we are already “failing” with our new year’s resolutions.  And that upsets us?  We may even think: “Oh my goodness, I’m so pathetic, I can’t even keep my resolution / goal for at least a month.”

But perhaps we could face our resolutions in a different way?
Instead of GOING COLD TURKEY with them…

We should be in “relationship with our resolutions.”
You may wonder what I mean:

For example, someone says they want to stop eating chocolate in the new year.  So they go massively COLD TURKEY and then a few weeks in, they give into the craving… and CRASH and in their eyes (or the eyes of others) – they “FAIL” … But would it be such a fail if this same person use to each chocolate every single day – and now they have just had one “cheat day” – and had some chocolate?

Truth is, they are still sticking to their resolution. They HAVE reduced their chocolate intake.

Does this make sense?

Another example: Someone could take up running as a resolution. They want to run X number of kilometres (miles) per week. One week, they don’t meet the quota. But the next week, they’re still out running, and the week after that, etc. Did that person, really FAIL? Nope!

Because they are in “relationship with their resolution.” They’re still running. But they’re not being so hard on themselves if they don’t meet the quota every week.

So, what do you think?

Be kind to yourself as you take on your challenges! :)

5 songs you need to start your year with

Music inspires.  We all know that.  Delve into these classics and songs you may not know.  Get inspired and take on the new year.  Hello 2016!

  1. Twin Forks – Can’t be broken (How about a little folk.  A little bit of feet tapping) – “I can sing the lead and you can sing the harmony
  2. U2 – New Years Day (This song I often listen to on the first day of the new year.  But it can be listened to, anytime.  Do it now.) – “All is quiet on New Year’s Day”
  3. Foo Fighters – Something from nothing.  (Started watching the documentary, Sonic Highways.  Wow, this song is so good.) – Here lies a city on fire, Singing along, The arsonist choir, Now here I go  (Warning: this song may cause to you to seriously rock out!)
  4. Biffy Clyro – Bubbles (can rock ever produce “cute” songs?  Yes, indeed.  This Scottish outfit do just that with this edgy rock song.)  – Well how’s your view of things today “You are creating all the bubbles at night
    I’m chasing round trying to pop them all the time”
  5. Vocal Few – Corner Dwellers (The lead singer of The Classic Crime does this music project with his wife.  Awesome!) – we got so much more in common with the corner dwellers

Rock on!


There are these flowers in our garden that bloom for the day as the sun comes out.  When the suns “goes away” for the day… those flowers close up.

We also have these trees with thorns on them.  Just after the winter months, when we moved here; those trees were rather bare.  Just thorns and bark. As summer has come, the tree is cover in little green leaves and yellow flowers.

One of my favourite things, about early mornings here; is all the birds outside “singing” us awake.

There is life outside.  Teeming.

And I can’t help but think: about how we share this planet with living nature.

We live in a created world.  Those melodies and signs of nature always point to the fact. There is a Creator and creative God.