Last Youth Camp with HMC

I have such a good feeling about this weekend.
I have 17 youth going along.
We’re going to a scenic campsite in Underberg.
I’ve prepped the camp  booklet witg quiet times and talks.

My prayer is that God would meet with each teen in such a real and unforgettable way.

Dear God, please do Your thing.
Change lives with your beautiful grace…

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2 – 4

I like to take stock of my life.  I like to count my blessings.
I am on my way out of Hillcrest in just two weeks.
I have had such a rad time here and have been so blessed to be close to my family.
God has given me a great family.

I will miss my brother. He is one of my best friends too. He challenges me at the right time. He is supportive.
And well, now, he knows how to play FIFA!
(And he even geocaches, too!)

Last night, we had one more “Fifa marathon” before I leave for Secunda.
Simply, we kicked ass!

But we had a BIG incentive.
At the end of the night we had a CRUCIAL match to win:


Two arch rivals, playing at Old Trafford.

If Chelsea (my bro and my team) lost; we were going to have to put on our Facebook statuses:


We didn’t want that to happen. So we played our hearts out.

90 mins – score was 2-2
Into extra time we fought hard: 2 – 4

Go Blues!
Thanks bro, for a cool evening!

(Sorry, if you were tired at work, today ;)

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The Search

He hears the call beckoning as the sun stands tall overhead.
He arms himself with water and pedals.
The whizz of his wheels as the tar escapes below…

He must go.
He must search.

He follows the device’s direction
He climbs through the tangle of branches and vines
The nettles lash out with stings.
The lines on his legs are the evidence.

He must go.
He must search.

The sweat of his brow
Drenches his skin and shirt.
The words etched on the fabric
“Eat well, travel often.”
The command so compelling.

He must go.
He must search.

He lifts up rocks
Carries his bike
Looks in bushes
He covers ground
He hears his heart’s song:

I’m alive!

He must go.
He will find.

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Youth Ministry is not…

Youth Ministry is not…
28 January 2015

… Baby-sitting teens and playing games on a Friday night. If it were, I would have quit this job a long time ago!!!

(Recently, I got engaged, and someone in my church then said to me: ‘Now, you need to get a real job.’ I know, he said it in jest. But as the saying goes, many a true word is spoken in jest.)

His comment bugged me!
Because he is probably in a list of many who think less or are unsure of what youth ministry is.

As youth workers, our audience may mainly involve teens. But does that make it a non-grown up job?
How come teachers don’t get that flak from others?
They have critical jobs with children and teens. Their words have the power to build or break down. They are critical in that young person’s educational development.
(To this, very day, I can remember some important teachers in my school career.)

Come to think of it, I think of my very own youth pastor, Lee; with great fondness too.
His role in my life. His encouraging presence. His belief in me. Changed my life a whole lot.

Youth ministry is far more than just playing silly games.

We’re the ones who hear the life stories and struggles of teens.
We sit with the youngster who wants to take their life.
We journey alongside youth who have it rough at home.
We speak words of love and encouragement to the youth.
We plan lessons and bible studies, for one reason: to introduce to them a very real and living God.

A God,
Who loves them just as they are!
Who made this beautiful world that we find ourselves in!
Who is using ordinary people like you and I to alleviate the brokenness in the world.

In youth ministry, we teach teens:

That life is far more than just about themselves.
That they need to live for justice.
That they need to be gracious to all.
That they are human beings not human doings.

We as youth pastors:

– Are representatives for Jesus
– Spokespersons on behalf of God (what a humbling call.)
– An older sibling
– A counsellor

Youth ministry can’t be boxed into a 9-5 job…
It can’t really be boxed at all…

So this is an ode to youth pastors and youth workers alike!

Keep doing what you do.
The youth need you.
And God is thankful for the effort you put in.


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By a Duck Pond (community)

By a Duck Pond (community)
27 January 2015

Catherine and I had a wonderful time, celebrating our engagement on Sunday afternoon with her and my friends.
We invited them to a ‘bring and braai’ at the local Duck Pond (in Secunda). We were humbled and thankful for the great turnout.

This was a meeting of new and old friends. Two languages: Afrikaans and English.
Chatting and bantering over the coals, sitting on picnic blankets. Catching up and sharing stories. I loved the community of it.

Then in true form (I’m a little addicted to playing soccer) I roped in Catherine’s guy friends and some strangers (sitting on a nearby bench) and some little kids to play some soccer (football).

What a good time!
Old and new friends, strangers, all playing the beautiful game of football.
It was hilarious to see those of a rugby persuasion attempting to play; but I’m glad they played.

And I even overheard one of them say in Afrikaans afterwards “Soccer, is quite fun to play.” (Translated)

A good afternoon was had!


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A sunny South African scene

A sunny South African scene
27 January 2015

As I’m driving back home, I am soaking in the surroundings.
I am staring down the road, looking out for any potholes wanting to swallow my car.
I notice in the distance, two cars in the oncoming lane, flash their lights.

A universal, friendly sign to tell us, cops are up ahead.
My speed is in check.
My belt is on. So all good from my side.

The officer waves to slow me down. I pull over.

“Good afternoon” I say.

“Good afternoon, how are you? Yes, it is very hot.” (He noticed I had my shirt off.)

He asked to see my licence. A routine check. And went on to be chatty and say:

The other guy he stopped on the other side of the road, also had his shirt off. It’s indeed a hot day. He then asked me where I was heading.

I replied telling him I was on my way home (Durban) after seeing my fiancé for the weekend.

He smiled and then wished me well.

As I pulled off, I just smiled at a wonderful South African moment. The warmness and kind actions / words of fellow citizens.


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If I had a wagon…

…the trip between Durban and Secunda would probably take a couple of days.

Thanks to the modernization of transport; it takes just over 5 hours to do the journey.

I love driving.
I love how in a couple of hours, one can cross various landscapes.

Yesterday, as I drove, my window down, the wind rushing by, the music blaring from inside. I’m hearing a collision of wind noise and rock melodies.

The sun shines down on me from the right hand side (West).
The clouds float along showing off their various formations.

Here are one or two views I captured:



(They don’t really do justice.)


27 January 2015

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