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Lent 10 – Death by Info

By 8am
The encouraging devotions have arrived in my inbox
A scroll of my feed, the casual and thoughtless likes I’ve given
Opening my WhatsApp and replying to messages
A quick browse in the world of tweets

By 12pm
The amount of pointless “reply to all” emails I’ve received
The road signs and songs on the radio that I’ve consumed.
The racing thoughts running to an unseen finish line
The clips I’ve watched and the kudos I have given.

By 8pm
Instructions, suggestions, tasks, to-do-lists
News updates, pop up adverts
All this info we receive on a daily basis
The weight of it all, is slowing suffocating us.

By 10pm.
We’re lucky if our brain has even switched off…

By the next morning.
It begins again.
This slow death by information…

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Lent 9 – Bored of this dictionary

I am so tired of the dictionary of 2020.
Words that conjure up annoyance and frustration
We’ve been told that words have power…
Oh how these ones, have got us down:

From social distanced to support bubbles
Keeping safe to wash your hands
Self isolating to Lockdown

Zoom fatigued to ‘you’re on mute’
Pandemic to Covid19

Please can 2021 end off with a better dictionary?
The words don’t even have to be new.
I’ll gladly take back the old ones:

Selfies, bro hug, noob, twittersphere, YOLO, worstest,
Dance-off, emojis, FOMO, besties, bookaholics…

For crying out loud, I’ve even take back Miley’s twerk.
And the only zooming I will be doing is:
when I’m zooming away on a train or plane…

I can’t wait till we can bury those words of 2020.
(Do you wish to Log Out?)

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Lent 8 – Don’t play with your food

My parents taught me well,
They told me not to play with my food,
To play with my words instead….

Perhaps, once up-on a time
Two lines may rhyme

Others may have a cadence
To how you
the verbs and thoughts and ideas
All laid out in the way, I want them to.

Poetic Licence, they said.
Don’t play with your food, my parents said.

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Lent 7 – Crop Circles

They said they were crazy for thinking such things
But no one really offered a sufficient answer for those crop circles?
There are aliens they declared!
They have landed! An invasion!

They said I have to stay at home for two weeks
Did they realise how crazy that would make me?
The aliens in my head, they’re playing tricks on me.
A virus has landed. A self-isolation!

If I do not get out, I will go crazy!
So I walked in circles, and cropped out a perculiar shape
The aliens above, looked concerned.
Will the humans blame us for this too? An outrage!

Weeks later, we’re not so crazy anymore
I only stir circles in my cereal
It’s alien to me, how people don’t believe?
When nature has grown over. A miracle!

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Lent 6 – Your Jesus Agenda

I saw this ridiculous trailer, today
The name escapes me
But was that another cheesy pentecostal film?
Trying to scare people into the Way…

Everyone comes with their Own Jesus agenda
Claiming their wisdom is better than another

One said, Hell is what Jesus spoke about the most
Another said, Money is the most spoken about
Yet another declared, the Kingdom of God is the main thing
Sadly, it’s only the nitpicker type that is counting…

Please, let Jesus speak for Himself
Leave your agenda behind

I defintely don’t have it all figured out
But it’s His mystery
His Love
His created world
That lures me in…

Jesus, I can’t box You in
Thank you, that You don’t box me out…

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Lent 5 – Grammar Police

(To be sung / said to the tune of Radiohead’s Karma Police )

Grammar Police,
Arrest this hand
It types in mistaeks 🙂
But his intentions are best
Will they ever get the message…?

Gramma Police
Arrest this brain
It thinks too much
And not enough
To correct all it’s ways in words…

This is what you’ll get
Mistakes are not met
This is what you’ll get
When you rush with this…

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Lent 4 – A small geography

These last few months
Have seen my geography diminish
To these walls
That surround us

To my east,
I have seen the the brilliant morning sunrise
Pierce through the window
As if to greet us

To my west,
I have seen the painted red and blue
Of the afternoon hue
Another God whisper (“I thought of you”)

To my south,
I face this screen
Zooming through meetings
And writing some musings too

To my north,
I face, as I sit in bed
With a book in hand
Widening my geography – stories that take me to another land.

Oh how I long to venture
On planes and trains
To further than a stone’s throw
Oh, how I’d love to go…

He was right and not confused,
Dear Confucious, when he said
“I live in a very small house,
But my windows look out on a very large world.”

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Lent 2 – The Formation of Birds

Each afternoon around four
I have made the habit to look out my window on the first floor
There they fly
Making the prettiest formations in the sky

I hear their call
The homeward heading of the geese
Stirs something within me
A heavenly sort of peace

I live on a fascinating planet
May I never forget
We cannot cheat this ballot
The birds of the air, ask me: why do I fret?

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Lent 1 – A Long Winter

Here is a little word:

A Long Winter

This winter has been a long one
Have you felt the same?
The grey did well, hiding the sun
A virus, kept us in our cage.

But of course, winter passes
The spring flowers, arrives in their masses
Snowdrops, daffodils and blue bells
And the days are getting longer, as well

Yes, winter was a long one
But You were with me all along
And spring is not far along
My spirit raises a new song