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“Hey Bartender!”

I discovered something I quite like doing.
That’s being a barman.
Here at our venue Hoogeind Manor we get to host weddings and parties.
On some occasions I get to work as a barman for that particular gig!

I love it!
Last night as I chatted with the customers and poured their drinks, I was in element.
Community, sharing stories and even good music in the background.

Often there is a negative stigma placed on people being at the bar.
But the positive side should be appreciated too:
People get to connect with others.
They get to unwind.
They get to slow down and relax.
They get to meet people.
They get to celebrate.
They get to share their concerns. (Sometimes with the barman themselves) or a fellow customer.

I thought of one of my top 5 Dave Matthews Band songs:


If I go before I’m old
Oh brother of mine please don’t forget me if I go
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free, after three days in the ground

Oh and if I die before my time
Oh sweet sister of mine please don’t regret me if I go
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground

I’m on bended knee I pray Bartender please
Oh when I was young I didn’t think about it,
But now I can’t get it out of my mind
I’m on bended knee please father please

Oh if all this gold, should steal my soul away
Oh dear mother of mine, please redirect me if this gold
Bartender you see, this wine that’s drinking me
Came from the vine that strung Judas from the devil’s tree roots
Deep deep in the ground

Bartender you see, this wine that’s drinking me
Came from the vine that strung Judas from the devil’s tree roots
Deep deep in the ground
I’m on bended knee I pray Bartender please
I’m on bended knee please mama please
Oh when I was young I didn’t think about it,
But now I just want to run and hide
I’m on bended knee Bartender please

i) What do you think is the message of the song?
ii) I like the passion in how Dave sings the song.
iii) I also like to creative mention of wine and Jesus and Judas placed in the lyrics.
iv) How the does the song make you feel?

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Slow Club

I have been reading this book called Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli. It’s been such an inspiring book and an eye opener too.

I just have to share this little piece from the book. The author speaks about one of his sons who decides to start a club called: The Slow Club.

The son (Joseph) is the president of the club and he tries inviting others into his club. In the end, he is the only member in his club. But that doesn’t stop him at all.

The mandate of the club, simply: is to slow down!
No running or rushing ahead!

Brilliant! The author shares an incident where he join his son for the day – in being part of the slow club. After some morning games with some of the youth guys, the dad starts to rush off (running) to lunch, to be served.
But Joseph calls out to his dad to stop running and walk with him, instead. His dad obeys.

As Mark and his son walk toward the dining hall, slowly, they notice two jackrabbits looking at them from in the woods. They also noticed some beautiful flowers in the woods too.

Joseph says to his dad: “I bet we’re the only two who got to see those jackrabbits.”

How? Because they had slowed down…

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if you slowed down a bit?

What would you notice?

If we slowed down. We too could hear the birds chirping. See the various cloud formations above. We’d notice the kind gestures that people do around us.

If we stuck to the speed limit. If we looked around a bit as we drove what would we see?
This may be a bit of a claim: But I am proud to say, that if there was a top 100 of motorists who spot birds of prey on telephone poles and fence posts whilst driving – I’d make that list. (Forgive my confidence. But I always try and spot them.)

If we slowed down – we’d actually HEAR what others are saying to us?

Why not try it for a day? Slow down for the whole day. See how much more you will notice.

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We had a lot of rain last night (for a good few hours.) Western Cape has been desperate for rain…

Now looking at this pool. There are two perspectives:


Some people are thinking: “What an effort to fix that pool to make it look blue again. And gosh, it will cost a lot too.”


And this way (which I think): Thank you God for the rain! We’ve so needed it… for soooo long!
We are grateful.



With all the rain, a lot of roads battled with drainage.
Traffic backed up for miles.

Got me thinking.

God and His created world is always “bigger” than man-made things.
Our infrastructure is always limited!
Think of the UK too. When it snows – train lines struggle.

We are smart. Us humans.
But we still have our limits…

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Interview at a coffee shop

The two ladies sat across from one another as the one was interviewing the other.

IMG_9663 (Medium).JPG

I thought of the brilliance of an interview in a coffee shop:

The ambiance of a coffee shop would make one feel comfortable.
Having coffee, generally relaxes people.
A public place is always a good place to meet.

This gives the employer an opportunity to see how their “possible future” employee acts in ordinary life:
How do they treat the waiter or waitress?
Do they have manners: saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
Do they pay attention to the name of the person who served them?
Do they take out their wallet first to pay for the coffees?
Do they give a tip?
How do they interact with the distractions and people around them.

I believe in all those things, one can get a good idea of a person, without the “usual” interview questions.

Do you agree?

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Long Drive Thinking

These cars backed up for miles
Making the once forty minute journey
Become a three hour one…
And as “Paradise” plays on the stereo
My mind drifts to you and I.

(Not my pic! And the traffic today was far worse and in wet conditions.)

These long drives allow me to process things.
The song fades into the background.
The passengers chatter among themselves
And the volume of my thoughts increase

I thought about how we didn’t know that our last kiss
Would be the last one…
The many lasts we experienced, we didn’t particular think,
That that time would be it…

Looking back
The signs of “no go” where there
But we were stubborn, we were reckless.
We gave it a shot
“Shotgun” plays on the stereo…

I drift back to the steering wheel
Thankful for times to process things.
Because hiding the need to deal with this –
In busyness; would not be helpful.

I don’t write for an audience or for likes.
I don’t write for your attention.
I enjoy written words.
I write to help me unpack things.
If my thoughts and observations help another. Brilliant!
I heard this concept “the wounded healer”
I like that. We all carry wounds. With our wounds, we may even help others…

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These are the SMALL things I’ve given up in 2018 so far…

A few months in – those resolutions have probably been forgotten already…
But ask yourself? How have you evolved this year so far? How have you grown thus far?


I was thinking today. These are three “small” things I let go of and have made a BIG impact in my life. That’s what I believe:

1) I sold my Xbox. Got rid of that serious addiction. I use to enjoy playing FIFA so often. Now that I don’t have that anymore I have so much more time for better things.

2) I gave up sugar in my coffee for Lent. Now that Lent is over, I still don’t have sugar in my coffee. Coffee tastes better now and I feel healthier anyway.

3) I dropped the word “just” from my speech.
I am not “just” a gap year coach. Or prior to that – I wasn’t “just” a youth pastor.
That word JUST can be so destructive.

So there you have it. Three small things I stopped. And they have brought about a big change in me.

What have you let go of this year, so far?

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The day time died (a piece)


That day I looked at my wrist
I saw that my watch had stopped
Like a visual sign of you and I
The chapter coming to an end

The ticking seized.
As you and I had unravelled to this point.
It was not a battery issue.
More like, what does green go with anyway?

We had seconds and minutes and hours.
We had months and years.
We had moments.
Many good memories, I will keep.

Lessons learned.
Love felt.
But love, in our case was not enough.

The watch was discarded.
But I won’t discard the good times I had with you.
Thank you.

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You said you wished you could fit into those love songs
That you hear on the radio
But who would want to be surrounded by verses and bridges
And choruses – what an ugly tangle that would be?

You said you never felt like the subject
Of those love songs (from me)
But how could I ever?
I never wrote darn songs

But what about all the hand written notes
I sometimes gave
In the cards,
Those were words I wrote

But again my words
Became a noise of vowels and consonants
The weight of spoken words
Took away the value of the written ones

I’m sorry for those words
My tongue got the better of me
So often
I can take them back…

But I know One who has the final Word.
And He was the first Word too.
I pray, that His words
Would sing over you the sweetest new song…

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A time to…

My mind calls my attention to
The ancient wisdom found in the third chapter
“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens”

Oh how true and relevant
There are good days
And there are sad days
And we won’t go back in time

Today they said “I do”
And I am reminded of how we said “we’re done”
There is a time for everything
Good moments and bad.

They announced the arrival of their little one to the world…
And our world has ended…
Life and it’s various clocks.
Each person holding a different time.

Time heals

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The closed door

Eddie’s voice from the stereo adds to the sombre feeling
The door to your things remains closed
Makes things easier
To deal with

The symbolism of a closed door
As if the last page of a book has been read
And the book placed down, closed

If this scene between us was a few chapters long,
I’m grateful for them
Would never tear them out the book

But as books can teach us something
I’d learn from it
And pray that your next story
Your next chapters would treat so much better

I stood in the room
Where that door leads
Its crazy how things can carry memories
The nostalgia and sadness arm wrestling for attention

But now I closed the door again
Makes the house smaller
But helps with the healing