18 June 2014

My fingers and mind get itchy when I cannot share a story or an experience.
This past weekend I was in Cape Town, asked to do some friend’s wedding.
I was a bit nervous with it. But the ins and outs of the other activities over the weekend I thoroughly enjoyed.

A flurry of colours and sights appeared before me.
Here they are:
1) The argument of art and graffiti:

IMG_2117 (Medium)

The yellow is bright. The statement is meant to be positive.
But the negative ones come and destroy the message. A pity.

2) Street side stops:

IMG_2118 (Medium)

I’ve always been a fan of having coffee shops that spill out onto the pavements and road sides. Makes one feel part of the greater city and the people.

3) Not wasting a wall

IMG_2122 (Medium)

Find an abandoned wall, and tell the world something. Creative use of dilapidated buildings.

4) A towering reassurance

IMG_2125 (Medium)

Not the best shot of Table Mountain. But most places in the city, one can view the majestic mountain. It’s presence, a comfort.

5) Freedom and blades:

IMG_2130 (Medium)

The picturesque clouds send out an invitation of freedom through the barbed wire that wants to enclose and keep out. The collaboration of both are a picture message.

6) More cities should do this in South Africa

IMG_2131 (Medium)

The cobble stoned roads. The colourful buildings. A simple and profound effect.

7) Creative buildings.

IMG_2135 (Medium)

Again the colour and architecture of the buildings are so invitational and interesting. Why is Cape Town so far ahead in its design and creativity? Come on Durban!

8) The light behind:

IMG_2137 (Medium)
The light behind the building entices one’s interest. Right?

Thanks for visiting!

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