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10000 miles / 20000 km (the distance we go)

I like blogging.
I like capturing the most random things of life.
Because sometimes they’re not random but in fact monumental or even remarkable:

Recently my car turned over 20000km. Quite an achievement I must say. So I decided I need to record the moment on my phone. So I did.

Ironically (excuse the pun – will make sense as you read further), that I watched the recorded the video; I noted the soundtrack: Alanis Morissette

Now music is spiritual. Music transports us. Music strikes chords in our memories.
So as I watched the clip, I remembered I had done this before. Back in England

I was driving across boroughs (not sure where I was going or coming from); but I also recorded a cool moment for that car I drove: 10000 miles

But how uncanny is that?
Did you notice that the soundtrack is also Alanis Morissette?
Could be pure coincidence; or could there be something more to it? Who knows! But I take note of it. It may make sense one day…

Life is connected. Of that, I am certain.

2 different cars
2 different continents
2 different countries
2 different life chapters
2 different songs…


1 artist
1 guy
1 life

Thank you Jesus for the literal miles I have travelled in my small life thus far.