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My 5 (favourite) songs of 2018

I (bracketed) favourite because I am not sure… exactly how to define these songs. Some are older. Some are not from 2018. But they made an impact this year. Some are not even the audio version of the song but rather the live performance. But with no further adieu, in no particular order here is my list:

1) Fix You – Coldplay

Just look at how much passion Chris Martin has (again) in this song?
It’s like he is singing the song for the first time. So much conviction!
And then see the crowd singing along. An anthem of some sorts. So beautiful!
“Lights will guide you home…”

2) In the End – Mike Shinoda

An ode to the late Chester. This live version of a Linkin Park gives me tears in my eyes. See how the crowd sing Chester’s part:

Even Mike Shinoda is moved. Then notice the stunning sky! It’s like God is tuning into the moment too…

3) Life on earth – Snow Patrol

Warning! This is a darker song. But I like it. Because it’s Gary saying it simply and honestly. He went through a tough time. And this whole album (Wildness) is he looking at the tough times and fragility and beauty of life.

This song carried me through my divorce earlier this year. (That dreaded D word!)

4) Do you remember – Dave Matthews Band

This is the first song that grabbed me on the latest Dave Matthews Band album!
“It’s always good to remember the beautiful things” Dave

This is your new summer song…
Your new song of nostalgia…

5) Caught in the Middle – Paramore

Again Hayley and the boys taking an honest look at life…
Pop makes it all sound better. 😉
In fact the whole After Laughter album is great!

Hard Times needs mention and also Forgiveness

Bonus song) No longer a slave – Bethel

I had to add this song.  I don’t really listen to worship music – because too often – it feels like an industry – more than heartfelt – However, every now and then there is a song that tugs at my heart.  This is one of them:

But my most favourite memory of this song is from tour 1 at the end of the production: TORN, when the PNEUMATIX students came on… one by one singing the song acapella…


What is your list for 2018?

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Remember Two Things…

Every now and then I ponder things and then share them in a blog post.  (This Of Colours and Discovery, has been quiet for some time.)

Just “borrowing” the title from a dave matthews band album:


Click HERE to go check out that older album.

These may not be big things to you but I’m going to share them anyway.

I was reminded at church tonight about Jesus being the fulcrum in human history.
Basically, whatever you believe… your calendar is based on the life (or death) of Jesus. We follow the Roman calendar and the Roman Empire gave us BC time and AD time.
Whether you’re an atheist, or believe in another religion… you have to subscribe to the fact that we’re all living in AD 2018.
A date that has it’s basis in the life of Jesus. Interesting hey?

The second thing that I have mulling over the last few weeks…
The times we find ourselves in, makes me marvel in wonder!!!
How smart the world is becoming!
I am referring to all the technological advancements around us:

Mobile technology,
Amazon robots doing deliveries
Charging cars
Google glasses
Smart watches
Virtual Reality
Fibre optics

It’s all so amazing! Rattles my brain (in a good way) at times.

And you know what? ALL of this, didn’t catch Jesus by surprise.
It’s not like when He roamed the earth many many years ago…
AD 30 roughly; that man who was a carpenter by trade and was (is the) son of God by identity – He knew about mobile technology, google glasses etc…
None of it was a surprise.

As He used the tools of that time, He had the thoughts that no other human could even comprehend. “Just wait and see, what you people will be coming up with.”

Cars, to planes that travel across the world, to sky scrapers with over 40 floors.

That leads most people to the question: why did Jesus, chose that time to reveal Himself to humankind? (Hmmm, I don’t know… why not ask Him?)

My guess, is He came at the right time. (According to His plan)
And also in a time, where life was a lot less cluttered.
And people would follow Him, out of desiring a relationship with God and not chasing after another gimmick…(like a lot of the modern day person does.)



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A story of grace and words and small moments leading to larger things (as if this title could be any longer?)

Earlier this week, I took my students to visit MOVEFLOWGLOW You see, Gabriela Charlotte was one of the youth girls in my church, about 10 years ago.
(I was her youth pastor, and she went through Confirmation Classes with me.)

We had connected recently and I heard here story and I wanted my GAP YEAR students to meet with her and learn about the FASHION WORLD* and hear the life lessons Gabi learnt along the way.

(* Part of the gap year programme I have been running is to give the students exposure to various careers.)

As she was engaging with the students I just smiled at the fact that our paths had crossed again. I smiled at how Gabi is living out her passion.

As a youth pastor, I have the extreme privilege to see how the youth who I got to journey with – grow up – and become all sorts of things. To see how their lives turn out. A lot of them are doing so well – travelling and exploring. Finishing off their studies. Successful in the work place. Happily married and wonderful parents. Basically – living life fully! 🙂

So as Gabi was sharing her love for designing and creating things, I remembered how she had made me a hoodie that I really liked. All those years back.
And then she shared with me; how when we were designing confirmation t-shirts – how her design was selected and how that meant the world to her and how something like that – a seemingly small moment – launched her further forward – in following her heart…

And that got me thinking. Life is full of moments. Small ones and bigger ones. And sometimes they’re connected.
We need to pay attention to that.
And to pay attention to how we speak to others. Do we offer words of life?
Do the things we say and do spur them on into something positive?

So there you have it. 😉

gabi and i

(Not sure why I am looking so bashful standing next to her)

And just to end off with one of my favourite songs at the moment; here is the Dave Matthews Band with Do you Remember?

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“Hey Bartender!”

I discovered something I quite like doing.
That’s being a barman.
Here at our venue Hoogeind Manor we get to host weddings and parties.
On some occasions I get to work as a barman for that particular gig!

I love it!
Last night as I chatted with the customers and poured their drinks, I was in element.
Community, sharing stories and even good music in the background.

Often there is a negative stigma placed on people being at the bar.
But the positive side should be appreciated too:
People get to connect with others.
They get to unwind.
They get to slow down and relax.
They get to meet people.
They get to celebrate.
They get to share their concerns. (Sometimes with the barman themselves) or a fellow customer.

I thought of one of my top 5 Dave Matthews Band songs:


If I go before I’m old
Oh brother of mine please don’t forget me if I go
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free, after three days in the ground

Oh and if I die before my time
Oh sweet sister of mine please don’t regret me if I go
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground
Bartender please, fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free after three days in the ground

I’m on bended knee I pray Bartender please
Oh when I was young I didn’t think about it,
But now I can’t get it out of my mind
I’m on bended knee please father please

Oh if all this gold, should steal my soul away
Oh dear mother of mine, please redirect me if this gold
Bartender you see, this wine that’s drinking me
Came from the vine that strung Judas from the devil’s tree roots
Deep deep in the ground

Bartender you see, this wine that’s drinking me
Came from the vine that strung Judas from the devil’s tree roots
Deep deep in the ground
I’m on bended knee I pray Bartender please
I’m on bended knee please mama please
Oh when I was young I didn’t think about it,
But now I just want to run and hide
I’m on bended knee Bartender please

i) What do you think is the message of the song?
ii) I like the passion in how Dave sings the song.
iii) I also like to creative mention of wine and Jesus and Judas placed in the lyrics.
iv) How the does the song make you feel?

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The ABC’s of good ROCK music!

As all children need to learn their ABC’s… so do those who are introduced to the wide world of (rock) music.  Maybe you have heard of these bands and maybe you haven’t.

For the ones you haven’t – do yourself a favour and go and check them out. Rock on!

(Feel free to click on some of the links and see where they lead you…either a video, song or a band bio)

A – Anberlin – does this song make you feel good?
B – Biffy Clyro – “I pronounce it aluminium, ‘Cause there’s an I next to the U and M”
C – Counting Crows

D – Dave Matthews Band – one of the best live acts I have ever seen.
E – Enter Shikari – this is the first video of theirs I ever saw and fell in love with them 🙂
F – Funeral for a Friend – this song always takes me into oblivion
G – Gaslight Anthem
H – Hugh Masekela
I – Incubus – you may just DIG this video  (they have a way with lyrics )
J – Jon Foreman (He writes very well.  Profound thoughts)
K – Kings of Leon
M – Mat Kearney


One Black Sheep – fun video here

N – New Volume (a new band on the scene. Friends of mine)
O – Of Monsters and Men – this song of theirs was in this Film
P – P.O.D & (People live here)
Rise against have the ability to both push out hardcore rock songs that have you screaming along and then they can offer these breath taking ballads that make you feel so connected to your humanity.

Q – Queensryche
I discovered this band back in 1993 on the Last Action Hero soundtrack which is actually pretty cool. (The world seemed a lot more innocent back then)

RRelient K
S – Switchfoot & (Sound of Silence)
My wife showed me this video recently.  (A brilliant cover from the band, Disturbed – who we would not expect to do such great justice to the original song.  Captivating!)
T – Twin Forks
I am sure a lot of you haven’t discovered these guys yet. The lead singer is originally from Dashboard Confessional. Folk music at its best.
U – (The) Used – they have always had clever artwork
V – Vocal Few
W – Weezer
X – X – I had to throw on these South African Rock Legends.  I believe to be named after the Springbok Hit Parade compilations.
YYellow Card
Z – Zooropa = – an album from U2.  I really like their song NUMB – one of their better songs!  (Bizarre video too.)

What would your ABC of rock music look like?

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The good bands that are coming to our shores…

Help me out here…
But I have been super stoked with the incredible bands that have graced us with their presence over the last few months! Wow!
Dave Matthews Band, Chevelle, The Hives, Bastille, Bruce Springsteen (is on his way), Skunk Anansie, Deftones and Yellow Card
A whole bunch of pop artists too…

chevelle (Medium)

DMB-Banners-978x500 (Medium)

30 Seconds to Mars have been (and are coming again), U2, Kings of Leon.
Artic Monkeys…

I know I am missing out on a few names…  (So this is where you as the reader can add more to my list…comment section)
But I am just proud of how Big Concerts, Web Tickets, SEED Experiences and other companies / festivals for getting in some decent bands to our beautiful country.
Rocking the Daisy’s

a BIG thank you!
We appreciate it!

And thanks to Ramfest 2014, Biffy Clyro and Killswitch Engage and others are coming in March 2014.

We as fellow countrymen and women… say THANK YOU!

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Dave Matthew’s Band (Live in South Africa) – the videos

Had the most incredible night on Tuesday watching Dave Matthews Band.

Here are some videos:

1) Dave introducing Vusi

  (Tilt your head to the left for the best affect. haha)

2) A BIG start, with Too Much:

3) Don’t drink the water:

4) Dave and Vusi singing everyday:

5) Dave and Vusi dancing:

6) Crash into me:

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At the rail

I walk into the “coffee shop” section of this service station.
The morning is young.
“Beautiful War” by Kings of Leon plays through the radio.
Stirring my coffee,
I ponder the night before.
From 9am yesterday morning we waited outside, 4th in line for the Dave Matthews Band show in Joburg.
We wanted to be at the rail for the gig.
Waiting was long.
But the people we met “on the way”
(In the line)
Made for the beauty of the moment and life…

I will write more about the actual show soon.
But for me the highlight was the amazing group of people I was with at the rail.
And the generosity of spirit encountered there.
With 5 of us in our party; we had only 3 rail spaces. The constant swopping and sharing the rail was moving.
At one stage (referring to a girl we met earlier that day – she had a Grey Street tattoo)
One of DMB’s songs.
She unfortunately didn’t get to the rail.
However in a brilliant moment (and a stroke of God’s hand)
My brother made some rail space… For this girl (Jess); the one with the Grey Street tattoo to stand at.
She was overly emotional! Why?
Funnily, my brother didn’t realise the immaculate timing of his decision.
As “grey street” started that’s when he moved over.
For this young lady”s favourite song she got to stand by the rail. Tears of joy and nostalgia falling from her eyes.
(Funny thing, my brother is not very good with song titles and recognition of some of them)
So when he moved aside for the “grey street tattoo girl”
He couldn’t have moved and a more appropriate time!
So uncanny!

More to follow about the show…
Watch this space.

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Song of the week 43 (Dave Matthews Band – Crash into me)

In a week exactly I get to see Dave Matthews Band live for the 3rd time.
(My favourite band)
This is the first time they are playing in South Africa.
Hanging with good friends and my brother seeing this incredible band… I cant wait.
And don’t forget a beer or two.

Here is no doubt, a crowd favourite.
And the lyrics that Dave writes are so beautiful.
The lady on the receiving end of these words, would truly feel adored.
Dave has the ability to make even graphic lyrics sound so pretty:

Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me

You’ve got your ball
you’ve got your chain
tied to me tight tie me up again
who’s got their claws
in you my friend
Into your heart I’ll beat again
Sweet like candy to my soul
Sweet you rock
and sweet you roll
Lost for you I’m so lost for you

You come crash into me
And I come into you
I come into you
In a boys dream
In a boys dream

Touch your lips just so I know
In your eyes, love, it glows so
I’m bare boned and crazy for you
When you come crash
into me, baby
And I come into you
In a boys dream
In a boys dream

If I’ve gone overboard
Then I’m begging you
to forgive me
in my haste
When I’m holding you so girl
close to me

Oh and you come crash
into me, baby
And I come into you
Hike up your skirt a little more
and show the world to me
Hike up your skirt a little more
and show your world to me
In a boys dream.. In a boys dream

Oh I watch you there
through the window
And I stare at you
You wear nothing but you
wear it so well
tied up and twisted
the way I’d like to be
For you, for me, come crash
into me

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19 days till…”Honey, honey, come and dance with me…”

Dave Matthews Band, live in South Africa.
So excited to see them:


Will be seeing them in Joburg.

Two songs I hope to see live are:

1) If Only (love the bass riff in it)
2) Drunken Soldier

Some inspiring lyrics from that second song here:

Keep your head up
Try and listen to your heart
Be kind always, no matter
We all grow up
And someday well say goodbye
So shine your light while you got one