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Doing our bit to SAVE water…

The greater Cape Town is heading for a crisis…
We’re running out of water…
And I’m not the only person to have said that.


They say, “the government is lying to us.”
They say,  “we use bore hole water.”
They say, “they must start thinking how we can extract water from the sea.”

Save water theme with earth and faucet


Why not be mindful?
Why not live in consideration?

We live on a property that uses borehole water. But we still are being considerate. Because the water problem is not just theirs but ours too.
We live in a spirit of community. We live beyond ourselves thinking of others.

We catch our shower water.
Use that water to water our gardens (we’re approaching some hot days now)
ALSO we use that water to flush our toilets. We’re filling our cistern with that water we have saved from the shower.
(If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.)

We shower only once a day. (Twice is not necessary)
We keep our dishes to a minimum.

There also use to be a time, when people would “judge you” if you car was dirty. Now here in the Cape; if you car is clean, you are judged. Why are we cleaning our cars in a time of water shortage? it’s not necessary!


Who remembers the starfish story?
“The boy walking alongside a beach, picking up starfish that have been washed onto the shore. One at a time, he throws them back into the sea. A man observing this, see’s the boy’s plight. There are hundreds of starfish scattered on the beach. How on earth is he going to make a difference? He approaches the boy on the matter? The boy picks up the next starfish, throws it into the sea and says to the man: I MADE A DIFFERENCE TO THAT ONE.”

The same thing applies here.

What can Catherine and I do? Our little effort may be such a small dent in the big problem…
But we still do our part. And if everyone did their part too… how big would that whole PART look…

I write this, not for hits on my blog. Or a whole seeking attention thing. But just to say. Every little home, each capetonian can do something to help…


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I predict…

I’m no prophet. I can’t predict the future…
But I sense a movement of society.
I’m not really sure how to say it in pretty or poetic words…
Simply, I believe society is heading away from the noise (clutter) of social media.
I know social media apps etc are on the increase.
But I think people I just getting fed up!
Another feed, another opinion. Another post (just like this one)

People are desperate for a break.
People long for some sort of stillness
Some sort of not having to “keep up with the Jones’s

People crave a calm from the storm.
Less is more (is still so true!)

And yet, like addicts, it’s difficult for a lot of us to tear away…
One more check of the news feed.
One more tweet to read.

So, I declare there is a time coming, where people will shy away from social media.
It may be a short space in time.
But I believe it will happen.

What do you think?

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Flip side

They thought the ban would we be a good punishment.
Being away from electrical devices.
For some kids; a nightmare…

But this little guy heads to where the dartboard hangs.
Picks up the darts,
One, lands on 20
Two, he plays on for 3 days
Three, learns to subtract from 301

The flip side leads him to improved mathematics…
Noe that’s good aim!

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Watch “Pneukleus Gap Year” on YouTube

I have the privilege of running an incredible gap year programme here in South Africa.

This is so much more than just a gap year.
Other gap years are just about: “give me, give me, give me.”

The #Pneukleus gap year asks: what can you offer to the world?

We explore various careers.
We do adventures things such as zip lining, climbing Table Mountain, hiking, kayaking… the list is long…
We tour South Africa for six weeks performing gospel shows on stage.
We ask big questions of faith and God.

This gap year is about Growth.
You will be challenged!
You will be inspired!

More info here:

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Dear Hitchhiker (again)

I think I wrote to you before.
The early hours of the morning finding me driving past you again.
I want to stop.
But I am scared to.

It’s not you that I am judging…
It’s the horror stories that I have heard.
Truth is, South Africa doesn’t have pretty stats.
So I drive on,

Maybe a braver person, will offer you a ride.
But please hear me, I don’t think you’re a bad person.
I wish you well on your journey

Yours by road,

(Maybe coward) or (maybe cautious) driver,

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Of cycling

My finger tips clutch tightly
As I race down the hill
The crisp morning air colliding with my face
I feel alive

The world looks and sounds different from this saddle
I hear my tyres caressing the road
I hear the walking commuters talking
I notice stores and treasures I haven’t seen before

I welcome the fresh air in my lungs
The fresh perspective
Did I say, I feel alive?

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Of Day’s End


A different scenes splashes before us each evening.
Never to be the same again.
A flurry of clouds tumbling.
Sometimes an orange glow.
Some nights a purple one.

In my Winter sky…
and in your Summer sky…

Don’t miss it!
Because it won’t be the same…
This is a once in a lifetime

Soak in the colours.
And see the One behind it all