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Right, let’s talk about this right.

oh this is gonna be the longest night
oh, all this stupid swiping right
are you even real?
what is the deal?

this subscription was a mistake
welcome to world of fakes
on one bored and lonely night
you made a profile, to feel alright

maybe you are one in a million
a needle in a haystack
and this is not the place
for you and I to meet

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(That 50th Earth Day) A letter to us humans from the Earth


I see you locked in your homes.
Do you hear the laughter of those garden gnomes?
As you look out from your window pane.
I can finally breathe again.

The azure of the day time sky.
The pollution has subsided, a sigh (of relief).
There is a hum in my belly.
Hear the Robin song, so sweetly.

The rainbows you display for the heroes to see.
With My all heart I’m gladdened within me.
So I joined in with an array of colours too.
One flower, two… there another one – all for you.

In His Holy Book, remember what He said:
“Subdue the earth” not turn it on it’s head.
You killed the Dodo, the Great Auk and many other creatures.
For a fat wallet, you endanger the Rhino, for it’s features.

Remember, you are guests here!
In harmony, we all could live here.
I hope you heed the words of this letter,
Dear humans, you can do far better!

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Reset Button

It feels like the earth can breathe again
The birdsong sounds louder
The trees seem happier
The sky looks clearer

This all feels so surreal
It’s like I’m in denial
One of the stages of shock
Have we woken into a bad movie?

The AUS fires and Brexit
Seem like a long forgotten history…
Like selfie,
Will #socialdistancing and #coronavirus
Make it’s way into the Oxford dictionary?

I ran by, and your social distance
Side step, made me wince
We are lepers to one another now

There is a strange sense of solidarity
Knowing that this things stretches
Across oceans and cultures
Humanity, is fighting on the same side, for a change…

Will new humanity get better after this dilemma?
Or will we settle for the same old…
There is a new normal
That should be birthed from this.
Let’s not abort it please…

An “unknown enemy” invasion has landed upon our shores
Sleep with one eye open
Rest well tonight
Which chalice do we get to drink from?

It’s as if a reset button has been pressed on the whole world
Is this lockdown a time for the world to slow down?
Today, I sat fully present
To a 20 minute podcast and a cup of coffee.

Fighting the urge to go on my phone,
But I resisted.
And realised
Now I can have weightier encounters of each moment:

More present in prayer
More present in conversation
More present in exercise
More present in basking in the sun

And while “we” figure out
How to fill the days?
To do a ministry that involves people
Without the people

I pray for those in the labs
The scientests and doctors
Who are researching a cure
A vaccine, an answer…
May wisdom, patience, endurance – be theirs

Down with the sickness
Down with the selfishness
Down with the negative media
Down with the hysteria

I hear of neighbours who haven’t spoken in years
Are now throwing words of conversation over their fences
Neighbours in whatsapp groups
Being in community, looking out for one another

It took something as dramatic as this
To get humanity do start doing beautiful things again
You see, you and I,
We can be better!

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Joy will save the day! (Advent 25)

Joy to the world, the Lord has come!
The angel said:
I bring you good news,
that will cause great joy for all people!

They were overjoyed when they saw the star

…because of joy and amazement
Rejoice always!
(Let) My joy remain in you.
This is the day that the the Lord has made:
I will rejoice and be glad in it.
For the joy of the Lord is your strength… (what were you relying on before?)

(As Mr CS Lewis said)
Joy is the serious business of heaven.
Joy will save the day!
Joy > anxiety
Joy > despair
Joy + Jesus = It’s Christmas living!
Joy to the world, the Lord is still here.

(You see scripture is filled with joy? Only the last 4 lines are my addition.)

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Cross and Cradle (Advent 24)

Making Christingles
The red tape around the orange
Reminds me of the two red circles scribbled
On the Christian Calendar
One around Christmas,
The other; Easter
Both Cradle and Cross
Cannot be ignored.
For CHRISTs sake, let’s not miss it, this CHRISTmas…

Christ lies in the cradle
The Word became flesh
He came to show us love, be love
And teach us to love better
Christ, gets it!
He gets us!
Do we get Him?

Is the crux of the matter!
Oh Christ!
We have crucified Him.
But His death was inevitable
Part of the Rescue
Oh death, where is your sting?

Christian artists sing:
“So This was truly God,
Wrapped in a tattered blanket,
Love was finally here,
Sleeping while the world awakened”
“Ringing through the sky shepherd boy
Do you hear what I hear
A song, a song
High above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea”

Crying in the cradle
Crying on the cross
For crying out loud!
CHRIST is with us.
Let’s live like we believe it…

Lyrics I mentioned where from these two songs:


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I don’t like Christmas pies (Advent 23)

(I don’t like Christmas pies!
Are they sweet or savoury? What’s the deal?)
There is a noise inside.
Is that music?
From a distance; do I see people dancing? Silhouetted against the warmly lit windows.
Wait, is that my brother?
Is that Lamb I smell?
Anger or jealous overtakes me.
He squandered it all, and yet Dad, throws him, a party…

But a lingering thought remains: Son, you are always with Me and everything I have is yours.
I’ve been so close to Him, but I missed it…

(I don’t like Christmas pies! Some called them mince pies… but there’s no mince in them.. that mashed up fruit inside…dodgy ;)! )
This isn’t the reaction i was expecting.
i was stupid. i was reckless.
Yet He has lavished all good things on me.
These people celebrating
That delicious fattened calf, roasting.
He hasn’t counted my wrongs against me.
That warm embrace when He greeted me.

The warmth of His grasp lingers…
Grace welcomes me home!
The things “out there” still leave me empty.
With Him, my cup overflows…

(I don’t like Christmas pies! I tried one yesterday, I was donkey dared, whatever that means 😉 !
My system was like: no thanks! You won’t eat something as weird as that again!)
It’s so good that he is Home.
I’ve missed him sooo much.
I hope my oldest would comes in soon.
He works too hard…
All these people together.
I’m happy!

The smell of the calf lingers…
This is very much like many homes at Christmas.
It can be busy.
There can be squabbles.
We are play a part in Luke 15

the younger – reckless
the older – jealous
the Father – kindness
Thank you Jesus that i can even just be at the party. in Your Home.

PS. Just don’t offer me any Christmas pies!

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Quaich (Advent 22)

From the highlands
I learnt a new tradition
A token of friendship
And community
The Scottish would pass around this cup
Filled to the brim with whiskey and love.
Passing it around, we celebrate one another.

I remember my friends.
Both far and near.
And I’m grateful.

This passing the cup.
Reminds me of another group of friends.
Jesus and His disciples.
Drink and remember, He said

Let’s remember Him
We will remember Him
This Christmas
Let’s remember Him

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Choices (Advent 21)

We are the sum of our choices.
I’ve come to learn and realise this.
Where our lives are now.
Are often the results of choices made earlier on.

We are the sum of our choices.
99% of the time.
So stop blaming God.
Or the devil!

We are the sum of our choices.
Freewill allows us the choice.
Choose wisely.

We are the sum of our choices.
Choose good company
Choose good actions
Choose good words
Choose good thoughts

We are the sum of our choices.
The long hours of studying now… would benefit a good future.

We are the sum of our choices.
What choices did you make that have led to your life, right now?

Choose well

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Rice and Grace (Advent 20)

The day my phone fell into the water,
Taking a swim in the sink…
I had to hide it in in rice
Which gave me a lot of time to think…

The time away from the world
The time away from the noise
The time of disconnection
Allowed me an incredible time of Connection

Oh how the time in rice
Left me apart from my device
Turned to be a moment of grace
As the noise in my life was reduced to a gentle pace

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Don’t be afraid! (Advent 16)

Do not be afraid!
A phrase as old as the hills
A command so profound
Still should ring true, today…

When you visited your people;
Wrestled with them, called them
You meant it!
They need not fear!

The angels told Mary
They told the Shepherds too.
Jesus said it many times too.
Disciples and others.

Don’t be afraid!
Don’t be afraid!
Don’t be afraid!

That phrase is strewn across your Holy Scriptures…

But it’s like Your people have spiritual amnesia…?

Fear, anxiety, worry…
All of these You speak against!
You’ve told us many times before:

do not fear
do not be anxious
do not worry

Your perfect love drives out fear.
Saturate us with that Perfect Love.
Maybe we drown in it…

Because it seems your people are choosing anxiety, worry and fear…

Perfect Love
Perfect Love
Love Divine
Love Incarnate

Rescue us…over and over

Perfect Love drives out fear…