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Lent 46 – The ‘in between’ day

The sun will still rise and set.
The dog still needs walking
We still need bread and milk
The still of the day will be evaded by the busyness

Do you ever wonder what happened on that Saturday?
After Good Friday.
The One they loved so much
Was dead
But still, He said something about the third day?
That the Son of Man, would rise? (Impossible!)

They never had the luxury of the “in between” day
They didn’t know that THAT Sunday was coming!
We know how the story ends
We know that Son will rise. (Possible!)

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Lent 44 – These are a few of my favourite things

Sheep grazing on the green hills,
the aroma of coffee,
the quiet at the start of the day,
the warmth of the sun kissing my cheeks,
the sound of my snowboard carving through the snow,
seeing the formation of birds in flight,
gazing out the window of a train,
open spaces,
looking out at the sea,
lost in a good book,
the use of descriptive words,
time with family and friends,
a beer at the pub,
driving with my windows down and the music blaring,
freewheeling on my bicycle,
writing a creative piece…

These are just a few of my favourite things.

What are yours?
Never forget your list.

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Lent 43 – Dreams Come True

Sometimes cliches are thrown out so casually “dreams come true”
But how often those dreams can be shelfed
In the library of “maybe one day”
And those one days
Becomes weeks which become years

I took a moment, to look back on the last three years.
Of the dreams I pulled off from the shelf
I dreamt of returning to England for five years,
Then it happened:

Friends sported signs “welcome back!
And statuses: “He has returned home.”

I also always wanted to write a book and then it happened:

If you’ve got this far:
Believe in the cliche!
Dreams can come true.
(Sometimes you need to put in the effort.)

If you would like to buy my book you can get it on Amazon:

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Lent 41 – Blue steel

We’ve gone the distance
The mileage we’ve gained
Oh what we have seen
Oh the feelings of delight and bliss
We’ve got the right balance
Of work and play
Words and silence
No push, all pedal
Sometimes, free wheeling
We take breaks
To take in the moment
The open spaces
A relationship of exploring
Where shall we go from here?

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Lent 40 – Daylight Saving

I’d gladly lose an hour of sleep to welcome these
long glorious days
We have moved the clocks forward
but may these long days moooove forward slowly
The birds have turned up their songs
the early morning light creeps under my curtains

When the moon is full, I fall asleep with the curtains open
Letting the moonshine fall on my bed
This is indeed, a glorious time
I’m going to savour every moment.

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Lent 39 – Litter everywhere

My blood boils
I can’t drive with my eyes closed
But this litter everywhere
Scattered alongside the road
Drives me crazy!
Dear God, I am so sorry
Mother Earth, people do suck!

You would think after a year of lockdown,
People would have grown
In appreciation of life and earth
But it seems trashy people don’t change

It seems so unfair
A virus took so many innocent lives
Yet, the ones who litter are still scattered about globally
Like the litter they toss about
if i were a god, I would not let their rubbish (ways) go unnoticed
i would chop some hands off
But apparently God,
You seem to be a lot more gracious and patient?

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Lent 38 – I’m from Toti

Roadtrips with a soundtrack are the best
As I head down the motorway
I have the “I’m from Toti” playlist on
Songs added by friends, memories from back in the day

Random moments come back – from that time:
Four friends wrestling at the beach, sand in my face
In Rivers, we’re singing “Where is my mind?”
A lot of life happened in that little coastal place

To the safe days – when we camped out in the bush
A caramel quarter loaf at Baggies, while we blister(ed) in the sun.
To bad poker hands, a knock on the door, jumping behind the couch
And Aerosmith wondering why “Janie’s got a gun.”

We are made of matter and atoms and
Memories and friends and
Moments and laughter and
Love and of our home town

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Lent 37 – If not now, when

The murky water is in his eyeline
Raising his right hand, and then dropping it
Crawling forward in the water
Raising his left hand, and then dropping it

On his right wrist, he sees the words
“if not now, when.”
A mere four words spurring him on
Both arms continue to slice through the water

One arm after another
In perfect rhythm
As the mile distance is slowly covered

His brother, swims alongside him
Another motivation
If not now, when?

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Lent 36 – Shadow of a bus

It’s funny the things we remember,
Things that stay with us, for years to come.

The question posed:
Would you rather be hit by the shadow of a bus or the bus itself?

What a perculiar question!
I replied: “The shadow of the bus, obviously.”

(I remember as a kid, jumping over shadows of the cars
As they drove by, oh the great imagination we had.)

Exactly!‘, he replied.
“We go through the valley of the shadow of death.”

It’s not Death Valley, itself
Jesus did that for us! On the Cross

We only deal with the shadow of death
The remnants, if you will.

It’s funny the things we remember,
That has always stayed with me.

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Lent 35 – Light of the World

Have always been reaching out
Leading the way
If only we looked up, more often
We would see…

Our heads are stooped
Our spirits are bleak
We walk through valleys of death
as the Psalmist said.

That’s the thing
isn’t it?
We walk THROUGH that valley.
It’s not like we stay in the middle of it,
Never to get out…

But, that’s the thing about lives with heads stooped
Look on Up
Next to you,
With His rod and staff
He’s there
“You’ve got this”
He smiles

However, if your head were down
You’d miss that smile.

very much
Look on up
Chin up,

The Light shines in the darkness
The darkness has not overcome it.
It won’t ever!