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I sleep I tread

I sleep on the floor
I sleep on a stretcher
I sleep on a foam mattress
I sleep on the grass
I sleep on the sofa
I sleep on my own bed
I like sleep
I sleep

I tread
I tread on various grounds
I wear different shoes
If those shoes could speak
What would them Vans and Converse and Toms speak about it?
The time they stood on snow
The time they walked for miles
The time they ran 18km in Germany, unplanned
Oh the lands they have stood upon
The ground beneath my feet
I tread
I stand
I walk

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This city just doesn’t seem to sleep
Onboard a train heading home
The heat of the day hovers in the carriage
The hoards of people sit there too

Where are they all going?
What has their day / evening been filled with?

Some sit bothered by the heat.
Others chant as their boozed confidence and the heat allows them to take off their shirts.

Some have just finished work?
Some are saying goodbye to a loved one?
Some have been partying?
Some have been on a date?
Some have gone to just get out.
To feel connected.

This big city.
Can swallow you up or invite you in.

How do you choose?