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Job is a brat! (They didn’t tell us that…)

Catherine has been reading through the book of JOB for her recent quiet times and we have had some interesting discussions around the character of Job.

Job is whining idiot!  (Yes, you just read that correctly!)


– I heard many a sermon preach on how faithful JOB was to God.
– Are they serious, the preachers who preached that message?
– Job, is pitiful.
– He moans and feels sorry for himself and curses the very day he was born.
– And we were told. Be like Job.

(Did preachers, really believe – that was the message?!)

– I was taught, his friends who were babbling fools giving insensitive advice.


– The friends, actually, speak wisdom to Job. They call it as it is. (We all need friends like that.

– Maybe, the lesson from the book is – do not whine like JOB? Seriously, when last have you read that BOOK? It’s painful to hear all his sulking.

– The best part of that book is when God speaks to Job in chapter 38 with a serious of questions. That simply puts things in perspective.

– God is God. His ways are higher than ours.

Question – How will you respond when the poo hits the fan?

Job – he didn’t too well. But how would you and I respond?

(I could expound more on the book of Job, but right now, it’s late, and my day is full tomorrow.  Good Night world!)

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There is two instances in Luke 2, where Mary ponders.  She treasures the happenings around her.  I like that a lot.  I think we all need to do that.  So this is me sharing a bit of 2015 with you.  (You may, want to do something similar in your own way.)

It’s a healthy practice to take stock of our lives:


2015, has been an eventful year.  Catherine and I got engaged, I started in a new job/church and moved to a new town and my beautiful Catherine and I got married. 🙂

Other random (non-ordered) goals I had were:

To read at least 12 books.  (One a month.)  I documented the  books I read on Goodreads.

An author I discovered probably two years back, that I am still enjoying this year (with her new written offerings) is Rachel Joyce.  I love how she puts her words together and paints such incredible imagery with them.

I’ve done 10 Park Runs . Nine in Secunda.  One in Toti.

I passed all 4 of the exams I did for the start of Management studies degree through UNISA.

I’m enjoying the adventure of married life.  Love getting to know my beautiful wife more and more.  And learning to find “our rhythm” as us. 🙂

There are many other brilliant moments of this year.  Holding my awesome nephew and niece.  Good family times.

Standing and singing and saying our vows in the cool of the shade outside on our wedding day with Catherine.

So yep, 2015 has been eventful.  Been awesome.  There have been tough times too.  But in all of my life… I still love and hold onto my Saviour.  This verse captures it well.


I end off the year, quietly building a puzzle.  There is something so therapeutic about that.  And I dig the concept of “building” and/ or creating.


I bring that theme into and look forward to the new year with my beautiful Catherine.  With my family. With my faith in God.

See you soon 2016…

(Will be back in the new year)




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In 1945… I can’t forget this…

I’ve read many many devotionals from Our Daily Bread

But this story from one of them has stayed with me for the longest time:

In 1945, professional golfer Byron Nelson had an unimaginable season. Of the 30 tournaments he entered, he won an amazing 18 times—including 11 in a row. Had he chosen to, he could have continued his career and perhaps become the greatest of all time. But that was not his goal. His goal was to earn enough money playing golf to buy a ranch and spend his life doing what he really loved. So, instead of continuing on at the peak of his career, Nelson retired at age 34 to become a rancher. He had different goals.

Taken from this devotional 17 Sept 2010

Over 5 years ago and I can’t seem to let go this example.

Why is that the case?  There is just something so awesome about this guy’s life.   Something that goes against the grain… I love it.  A round peg that cannot fit in a square hole (thanks Steve Jobs for a great quote)…

Byron Nelson could have been a professional golfer… but that was not his goal!

What is your true goal?

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Brandenburg Gate…

Back in December 2010, I got to explore Berlin with my good friend, Darren.

On a very cold winter night we got to stand before the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

DSC_0398 (Medium)

DSC_0408 (Medium)

Then, last weekend for my Birthday, Darren bought me an awesome LEGO replica of that Bridge.
Last night, I got to create it.

There is a lot of fun and therapy in building LEGO.


And then I realised why I was busy constructing, I was listening to the Switchfoot – Vice Verses album. An album that has actually meant a lot for both of us. Uncanny timing. (I seriously didn’t plan it.)

I am so grateful for my rad friend.
For all the countries I have been to so far.
The sights I have seen.

“I am restless, looking for You.” (Switchfoot)

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Ripping and Shredding

paper_shreddingDisclaimer: This is not a “feel sorry” for me blog at all.  It’s just an older guy observing stuff from his past.

This morning I had an interesting hour of ripping and shredding… my journals from the past.  Some musings from that experience in no particular order:

1) In the years that have gone by, I have never looked back at these journals.  So why keep them?

2) Looking in them, I realise how shitty I have treated some girls in my past relationships.  Have I learnt from that?  i wonder…

3) Sometimes, in looking back… I realise, I am not moving forward in the lessons that I should learn.

4) I won’t hang on regret for the stupid things I’ve done.  So hence, why the ripping and shredding.

5) I noted a line I often said “I want to grow up.”  In some weird ways, I guess it’s bugged me when people see me “just as a boy” .  I look young for my age.  That’s a good thing indeed.  But I don’t like getting treated like a kid.  I am a man

6) Maybe in the past, I was better at letting people in.  Now, not so much.  or maybe, in the past, I sucked at it too… who knows.

7) It’s good to “take stock” and write your thoughts down.  hence, why I like blogging.  because with this online community, people sgare wisdom with you.  people identify with one’s mistakes and glories.

So if i do write my stuff down in future, it will probably be here on my laptop.  Maybe I will go back and visit.  Maybe I won’t.

8) Looking back in the rear view mirror is not always helpful.  Sometimes one needs to embrace the presence and future a whole lot more wholeheartedly with their gaze ahead!

9) I am grateful for my life.  the crappy things and the good things.

10) I am seen.  And I still want to be seen more.

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Blister in the Sun (farefell to a friend)

This is a little bit of a tribute to my good friend, Nick Masters.

549715_10151119879340777_2113553239_n (Medium)

Today, him and his family leave Toti (where he has have lived for 33 years), they head off to the UK (stopping in Cape Town first for a few days)

A new chapter in their lives await there.

I am happy for them and this amazing opportunity they have before them.  Plus loads of our friends (from Toti) are that side now.  So they land in a network of people already.

I write this with sadness and appreciation. Nick has been and will always be an amazing friend.  I write this to celebrate our friendship so far.  I am sad to see him go, but truth be told from like 2001 – 2008, i lived in other towns (in South Africa) and didnt see him much.  Then for 3 years when I lived in the UK (2009 – 2011), gosh we saw each other loads.

From sharing similar tastes in music / back in std 7, we sang along word for word to Violent Femmes (we still do) / to water skiing shenanigans / to loads of beer (breweries would be proud of us) / walking to streets of London after nights out, hmm were we walking straight? / singing on the tubes (maybe we sang with dutch courage… haha) / to our recent shared hobby: geocaching / watching bands / tenpin bowling (ah all the usual life stuff) / even some profound conversations

I am proud to have Nick as a friend and totally gonna miss that guy.  But thankfully we live in a world that we can communicate easily,

Nick, Godspeed dude in your new adventure!

Keep me space in your spare room.  Coming to visit soon.  And keep aside a few caches for us to find.

Rock on!


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That beenie reminds me…

I wore a hat last night. Well, actually a beenie.
Its a souvenir I got from Iceland when I went on holiday there in November 2011.
Wearing it reminded me of my amazing trip there. Made me smile remembering that cool (literally very cool/cold) trip.

Its cool the memories that clothes have attached to them. I have a green hoodie that reminds me of the UK.

I have shoes: TOMs and my VANS that remind me of the many “grounds” that they have walked upon…

Interesting to think woven in with the cotton (and other clothing materials) are memories of other times and other lands…

Imagine if one heard the conversations they had in your wardrobes…

(I would urgently tell you to stop “tripping” haha!)

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The places we go…

There where 6 of us standing on the Old Impenjati River Bridge. We were looking for something.

What were we doing, you may ask?

We were Geocaching. Check out what it is: here

Its a worldwide online and physical treasure hunt. Various caches are hidden at different GPS locations.

I can’t tell u much more, if you are a muggle. (A term you will you come to know once u begin this fun hobby.)

The point of it, you may ask: simply, is to have fun.

Anyway, here my friends and I are standing on this bridge looking for a cache. And what is great about this bridge, is that this exact bridge was filmed in the movie, Blood Diamond.

So its cool to say we have stood on the same bridge that Leonardo DiCaprio once stood. (That’s if you’re the star struck type of person)

Point is, Geocaching is fun because it takes u to places u wouldn’t usually go.

The other day I was deep into the Springside Nature Reserve in Hillcrest, looking for a cache, and I noted the beauty around me: Ferns, a Paradise Flycatcher, an array of various coloured flowers and a Kingfisher. (Can’t remember the type, offhand)

After fetching my friend from the King Shaka Airport we were looking for caches and ended up exploring the beautiful office recreational spaces at Dube.

On monday, I came across a view of Westville Prison, from across the valley. (Where I said a prayer of mercy for the prisoners.)

There are many unknown corners of our towns and provinces that we may ignore generally.

I am glad to have taken on this hobby.
I am beginning to see some unusual and exciting things.

Oh, the places we go…

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Been a year

A year ago exactly, I landed in Cape Town and was swooped off to a great 4 days of fun with friends. Beach, paddling, segway and other cool things.

A year later I am sitting in the quiet of the morning before my day begins in Hillcrest.

A lot has happened in a year.
I have lived in 2 towns in the past year
Serving in my second church now.

Its been an emotional rollercoaster.
I have become an uncle (that’s super cool. Seeing her grow – thanks to phone technology)

How has your year been?
I haven’t travelled at all. (Bar one trip to Joburg)

Yet this year has not been about a geographical distance but more an internal distance.

Truth is, I have not “travelled” as much as I would have liked.

I still carry the same demons
I still have the same views sometimes.

But at least I am aware of it.
I will celebrate the positive change.

Yet I will be convicted by the NEED to change other things.

Moving forward…

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Going back in time (Looking back on some Sacred Spaces)

Today, I have been in bed mostly… sleeping off my pain and resting my wounded body.

Whilst working from my bed, I came across to past Sacred Spaces.

I thought I would share them with you:




1) Sacred Spaces 193 – Part 2 – Searcher…

2) Sacred Spaces 150 – An odd fetish for subject lines

3) Sacred Spaces 183 – Of fear, of bravery…