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The day we saw “The Police” jamming at the Beachfront

Aka: “Kill ’em with kindness”

Alternative title: “Chasing the ‘blues’ away”

Here are some videos too:



This was most certainly one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.

The guys from SAPS (Durban) gave us beachgoers a little performance.
This made me think of the brilliance of “their strategy”

Here are the possible options:

1) Play such groovy music that the ‘bad guys’ would think twice about committing a crime…?

2) Start the new year on a good foot. Let’s jam!

3) In a time where the police are often criticised… here they offer something “good” to the community.

4) Maybe as some of those “Old Testament folks” were instructed… when going out to battle… let the band go in front… hmm, was this these police folk’s attempt? 😉

PS. Sting, could not make this performance…

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What drives your religion / belief?

I read a blog this week by an atheist who suggested that most people are driven to religion because of fear. 

Fear of some eternal punishment?

Or fear of upsetting their God…

They may have a point…

But i thought about what drives my belief? And i found the answer with this word:


Wonder motivates me.

I wonder at His grace. Wonder at His  handiwork. (Have you seen the wonder in the world we live in?) Wonder at the wisdom gone before me from previous generations.
Wonders keeps me journeying to God…

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There are these flowers in our garden that bloom for the day as the sun comes out.  When the suns “goes away” for the day… those flowers close up.

We also have these trees with thorns on them.  Just after the winter months, when we moved here; those trees were rather bare.  Just thorns and bark. As summer has come, the tree is cover in little green leaves and yellow flowers.

One of my favourite things, about early mornings here; is all the birds outside “singing” us awake.

There is life outside.  Teeming.

And I can’t help but think: about how we share this planet with living nature.

We live in a created world.  Those melodies and signs of nature always point to the fact. There is a Creator and creative God.


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I’ve watched this video three times. I love it each time.

Check how much fun the people are having as they play and sing.
I am glad Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have heard their requests and responded via twitter


I love the conviction of this guy to organise this massive group of musicians.
There is something so powerful about music.
there is something so powerful about the unity of people.

“It’s time likes these we learn to fly!”

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The winter of the soul (and Secunda)

I sit here on this WET winter morning.
Finally! This town has been overdue some rain.
It’s been a while since, a dreary day has been so welcome!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the winter of Secunda and the winter of the soul.
That phrase reminds me of the dark night of the soul

candle in the dark

I observe how dry and brown and lifeless the grass here is.
I see the the leafless trees alongside the road crying out for Spring.
And even the trees that have some leaves remaining. Even those, brown and shriveled look as if they’re struggling to hold on.
The land looks thirsty.
It’s full of despair.

But we know, from our life experience:
That Spring is on her way.
The other day, I came across a photo I took in the summer at the local duck pond.
The grass was green and lush and full of life.

What a contrast!

Sometimes we may even experience that “winter” in our souls.
Life seems dry.
We seem to go from one hurdle to another…
Our lives, our passion feels “cold”

And you know what, that’s okay.
Because we know… the warmth is coming…
The growth is coming…

As Isaiah so cleverly explained it here:

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.”

Isn’t that good news?
So, hang on my friends…

Our lives have seasons.
And each season comes with it joy and difficulties.

But you’ll be okay!

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What does this picture say for you?

I took this picture on the way back to Secunda recently.  It’s taken on the way out of Vrede:


There is just something about this picture.  I took it and kept re-looking at it.  It’s speaks of various wealth for me.  The poverty of the shanty town is covered by a “wealth” of that full moon.
Those people living under that moonlight; they are loved. They have lives, even if they are simpler ones.
And that moonlight; it hangs over all sorts of people.

I can’t really put into words; but this picture made a profound impression on me…

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When nature befriends us


Nature is wild.
It’s mostly uncontainable.

But sometimes we are blessed by her company.
God shows us favour.

I’m sitting outside on a trampoline preparing my sermon for tomorrow.
(Most definitely a great place to prep)

The sunshine touches my back
Earlier I had a flock of pigeons circling over me. I could hear the fluttering of their wings. Amazing.

I see the cat lazing in the sunshine.
And the dog running and playing in the garden.
Wind chimes are singing in the distance.

I get to preach on behalf of God.
Humbled and honoured.

A little life motto I have is: “open their hearts and minds to who God is.”

For that… I could live for…

Have a good wkd dear readers 😉

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The Rhythm of Nature


I’m sitting here in a peaceful park outside of Brooklyn in Pretoria.
I notice the calming rhythm of nature:
The sound of a nearby waterfall.
The sound of the breeze brushing past my ears.

I observe the pensive movement of the Coy in the pond.

My soul feels at ease.
In a place like this… One could write or blog something…
Oh wait 😉

I wish South Africa had more safe feeling parks like this…

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Day 21 “Utter randomness” – Seeing the Secretary (bird)

No, this is not about some dodgy office antics. 😉

This is about the actual bird:


The Secretary Bird is a rare sighting indeed.

On Saturday, after some brunch and some geocaching with friends, Catherine and I sat in the back of the car and watched as the surrounding grasslands raced by.

It was then, that I tapped her on the shoulder enthusiastically and pointed out the bird in the distance.
I wished we had stopped.
I should have said something.
Perhaps even taken a photo.

But I was stunned.
This was a rare sighting. I was super thrilled to have seen it.

I told Catherine, “You need to understand that one doesn’t often get to see that bird. It’s scarce.”

The last time I had seen a secretary bird was probably in the Drakensburg around 10 – 15 years ago.

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Day 16 “The world is wrong about…”

They always move so fast.
Music blaring, or parents yelling
As they drive past.
Would they listen, I got some views worth telling?

I’m perched up here looking for some food.
I wish you could see life from this angle.

My friends, why are your eyes always so locked to your phones.
I want you to lift your heads. Feel that breeze comb your hair.
Feel the warm sunshine brush against your cheek.
See the wispy clouds dancing in the blue sky.

I’ve noticed a few times too, how you would just drop a piece of rubbish on the ground.
Look up, 100 metres ahead, there is a rubbish bin.
Care for this world.
It’s stunning!
I wish I could lift you on my shoulders and show you what I mean.

I often see you trying to climb “ladders” that apparently lead to success.
Rather, grab a ladder and join me.
I overhear your conversations.
Trying to outdo one another. Be better and better.
You never seem happy.

You also spend hours on how you appear.
You depends on outer garments and gel in your hair to make you fit it.
It seems so primitive and backwards.
And tiresome.

Some days there are amazing currents.
I leave this perch and I go and dance with the wind
My feathers bask in the sunlight as I spread my wings.
Our Creator once had someone pen these wise words:

“And you will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and grow weary”

The world is wrong… about themselves.
The things that they find important.
They chase after their tails like a foolish dog.

However, a few times I catch a glimpse of hope.
The other day, while I was perched up here.
I saw them.

They stood hand in hand, looking out over the beautiful valley.
The day was drawing to an end.
The colours of dusk filled the sky.
He whispered something so adorable to her.
(The actual words don’t matter)

There was no climbing any ladders, stepping on others toes.
It was just two people.
Enjoying a moment.
And in love.

Perhaps, the world is wrong… (at times…)

But in moments like this, they seem to get it:

Love and beauty,
is what we were born for…


(diary of Yellow Billed Kite)