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Losing well

It’s a new day,
It’s a new week,
The stadium lies empty
One nation is sad, the other is in jubilation,
Life will go on…

Last night, the better team, did win.
Just look at the stats, etc.
But how does one lose graciously?
How does one be positive instead of negative.
How does one change the narrative?

Makes me sad to hear and see scenes of disorderly swearing and stupid drunken behaviour.
I wonder what damage has happened to families last night, because of the misuse of alcohol?
People drinking their bad moods…
Football has mainly been a working class sport. But please show some class and NOT act like hooligans!

It was before the previous match, there was a brilliant build up promo video:
“Football is not important.”
But it’s about bringing people together.
After a tough 18 months of lockdown and a pandemic, it’s a welcome distraction and moving forward!!
(I can’t find that previous promo vid) but here, the Dutch said it well, (about their stadium) – the message of the video applies to all:

England, for a few weeks, you came together.
Keep that spirit.
Keep that joy.

And stop being so darn negative!
We lost, but this is NOT history. THIS is the present.
This is a NEW team, with different players.
England will make semis and finals again.
Sooner than you think. Stop being so pessimistic!

the narrative needs to change…
Headlines like these need to stop:

England are masters at glorious failures – but they’ve given us nod to brighter future
(Why start so negatively?)

Stop succumbing to the negative!
That would be the best win!
Yes, be sad for a day or two.
But then remember that spirit of togetherness. Live with that!

We have done well.
That team played exactly like that.
Like a team and not individuals.
Football has come home. (Although, let’s think of another slogan, perhaps?)

To the young players, who missed their penalties.
That sucks. But that “failure” (miss) doesn’t define you.
Get up, practice more.
Enjoy your football career further.
So much more to come: victories, team spirit, more skill, and yes, more losses.
Remember why you started playing: FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

To society,
Please be respectful of any Italians that you may see in the next few days.
No name calling or anything.

It’s a new day,
It’s a new week,
The stadium lies empty.
But we are alive and our hearts are still full!


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

2 thoughts on “Losing well

  1. Well put. In every game there’s going to be a winner and one who didn’t. No less a champion, just not the better contestant on the day. Thugs will be thugs win or lose

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