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Festival Christians

“What?! You haven’t been to Soul Survivor or Spring Harvest?”
Earlier this week I thought about this (It’s strange how thoughts appear out of nowhere) – when I answered “no” (this question was asked of me soon after I arrived to the UK back in 2018) it was as if I told the person I don’t breathe oxygen or something?!

In Christian circles there are those who are known as “festival junkies” perhaps… or dare I say “those who live with mountain top faith experiences.”

One or two names come to mind of how people pushed these experiences upon me as if this is where God is ONLY.
A few years on, I think about how these people aren’t really “with God” anymore.
(Don’t read this in a judgemental way…)

But it just got me thinking about how one’s spiritual maturity doesn’t come from a festival.
It comes from meeting with God daily. Through the thick and thin of life. The stuff of life is where we live and meet with Jesus.
Yep, it’s great to go to a festival and be surrounded with like minded people of faith. (Although I have often felt so isolated there. “Those people are so weird!”)

In the big marquee, the pretty music, the atmospheric lights, the playing with moods. yep, God is there.
But is God not JUST there.
He is with you everyday. In your doubts. In a pandemic. In despair. In loneliness. He is with us, here and now.

Makes me sad to think of some young adults and adults alike have drifted from God. “I just don’t feel it.” they muse. But faith is not a feeling. It’s deeper than that.

I haven’t been to many festivals. But I am thankful that I still love Jesus through the up and downs of life.
(Thanks for reading my random thoughts.)


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One thought on “Festival Christians

  1. Good blog! It’s so important to develop a daily relationship with Father and use these festivals as occasions to come together in corporate worship. Which is powerful. But yes, I too feel lonely in those places especially as I get older.

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