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Lent 9 – Bored of this dictionary

I am so tired of the dictionary of 2020.
Words that conjure up annoyance and frustration
We’ve been told that words have power…
Oh how these ones, have got us down:

From social distanced to support bubbles
Keeping safe to wash your hands
Self isolating to Lockdown

Zoom fatigued to ‘you’re on mute’
Pandemic to Covid19

Please can 2021 end off with a better dictionary?
The words don’t even have to be new.
I’ll gladly take back the old ones:

Selfies, bro hug, noob, twittersphere, YOLO, worstest,
Dance-off, emojis, FOMO, besties, bookaholics…

For crying out loud, I’ve even take back Miley’s twerk.
And the only zooming I will be doing is:
when I’m zooming away on a train or plane…

I can’t wait till we can bury those words of 2020.
(Do you wish to Log Out?)


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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