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When Christians are frustrating!

I posted a really cool quote on Facebook the other day from the Little Prince.
This is the frustrating response I got:

There is a side to Christians that I don’t like.
(Please don’t get me wrong. I am a beleiver. I love Jesus. it’s His people that frustrate me at times.)
Christians just like to throw out verses and opinions on things without context.

And when I say “christians” I know I am generalizing. Thanks to those who get it right.
We need more level headed, believers.

Anyway, this guy who quoted a verse about the heart being deceiptful has not even read the book. The Little Prince. So how could he have an educated opinion? The message of the verse and the message of book are vastly different.

Context is key.

People, not just Christians. Please use your heads more! 😉


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