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Megaphone of Beauty

It’s like we’re juggling many balls at one time,
Hoping that we won’t drop any
Yet still remaining marvelled by it all
Our attention being tugged at like a yo-yo

They carve out the pumpkins
Put pretty lights in them
Just for a night
Trick or treat
The waste of it haunts me
And the ones that spend the most
Complain the most “why can’t the council do more?

Lockdown 2.0
Is the sequeal we’re definitely not keen on
But what it is, exactly, we don’t know?
The roads are still busy!
And yet someone, loses a loved one tonight…
Human beings raving on about how smart they are,
No need for a Higher Power…
But they can’t solve this, not even the cleverest mind?

It’s like someone put on a sprinkler on in the nightime sky
of the 5th of November
The water from that sprinkler boasting many colours!
The poor dogs cower under beds, hoping the night goes quickly

We will remember them, we will remember them
A tradition here so deep in the people
The old man sits in his rocking chair
Haunted by memories of screams and gunfire

An awfully lot of fighting has gone down
Every year, new wars, new victims
Fighting for a seat
Fighting for power
Fighting of different races
Lives matter
We are matter
Dust to dust, we are
Humble yourselves, dear jar of clay

Speaking of remembering,
I see the orange moon peel through the blackened sky
God’s megaphone of beauty, begging:
Don’t forget Me, don’t forget Me.

the moon looked so pretty… this photo doesn’t do justice…

I tried to take a photo
But it never comes out right,
Remind me of the Relient K song:


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

3 thoughts on “Megaphone of Beauty

  1. I really enjoyed that

    On Fri, Nov 6, 2020, 11:53 PM Of Colours and Discovery wrote:

    > Darrel H posted: ” It’s like we’re juggling many balls at one time,Hoping > that we won’t drop anyYet still remaining marvelled by it allOur attention > being tugged at like a yo-yoThey carve out the pumpkinsPut pretty lights in > themJust for a nightTrick or treatThe waste of i” >

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