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I finally found it.

The search is over.
Two years back or so i bought Catherine – Go set a watchman. (By Harper Lee)
She is the author of To kill a mockingbird.

Now ‘set a watchman’ is a sequel that was published 55 years later…
Wow, what a gap between two books…

So i was told we should read ‘mockingbird’ first before reading the sequel.

So i went on a search.
I didn’t want to buy the book new.

I wanted to come across a second hand copy in an unusual way.

I tried a second hand store in Gordon’s Bay. No luck. Then a store elsewhere.
I tried Gumtree. But the price didn’t suit me.

Then today my gut reminded me about the book. I went into a second hand store and found the book for a mere R20.
Thank you Despatch. (A little town in the Eastern Cape)

What a bargain!
And what a great search. I’d was looking forward to finding the book eventually…



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