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I’ve been here in my new job for just over a month now. It’s been incredible!

I realised. Maybe my friends and some family, may wonder what I actually do? And also what is with the whole #pneulife and #pneugeneration I keep hashtagging in my Instagram posts. It’s not like I am spelling NEW incorrectly? 😉

So last night, we held an event called WTF! Not what you think… but rather:


I was seriously blown away and so inspired by the talent that we have in our school.  These students had me kinda emotional.  From dances, to skits, to singing… it was seriously really good.  I thought to myself:  Thank you Jesus, I get to be part of this and surrounded by this creativity!  Here are some pics from the night.  But actually they don’t really do justice:

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To see some videos of the night go to the Pneukleus Instagram account.

So my role her is that of Gap Year Coordinator.  What does that entail?  Yes, some seriously adventurous and fun stuff.  But that really is only 1/5 of the programme.  In each week, with the students, we will do career exposure (cover about 13 different careers).  Then we do some spiritually development stuff.  Going deeper in connection with God and one self.  There is also an aspect of self discovery.  Each person working out who they are?  Personality type, love languages, etc.  Then there is the fitness side.  And I cannot exclude, the massive tour prep.  This is taking the gospel (good news) out to various towns around the country.  Using dance and drama –  But the quality of this is outstanding!  The young adults are dancing to the likes of Michael W Smith.  (When did teens in high schools ever connect with that? haha!)  Nope!  The Pneumatix crew is dancing with relevant stuff and bringing a message that hits home.  That’s what grabbed me, when I saw them on tour…  They were not afraid to cover and deal with the difficult topics.

And what is also something to note.  Is that these youngsters we have here on campus.  (52 this year.)  They also come here with a story.  Life hasn’t always been kind to them either.  So this is a place where they will find healing too.

There are many places, these young folk can study.  And at those institutions, they are just a student number.  Here they are known, couched and cared for.  When these young adults leave, they will leave as gentlemen and ladies, who have been educated in excellence!

So they the point of this post… about the PNEU.  Comes from the word “Pneuma”

It refers to the breath of God.  Which is just pretty darn cool!  Reminds me of the passage in Ezekiel 37.  This VIDEO depicts it well.  In this passage Ezekiel is show a valley of dry bones.  He is asked by God if they can come back to life?  God’s in inviting him to see something incredible.   To be part of something incredible.   To cut a long story short… the PNEU / “breath of God” is given to these dry bones and they are brought to life!

Another encounter of this PNEU is when God makes Adam.  He’s breathes life into him.

So that’s what we are as a campus / college.  We want each person to experience the “breath of God.”  Thus giving them a #Pneulife and becoming a #Pneugeneration.

Besides… the whole PNEU thing is quite catchy! 😉

So my gap year programme is called Pneukleus – again going with the whole Peu thing…

Pneumatix is best known for it’s performing arts department.  Some seriously good dancing here, and acting.  Then we have film school here and music.  And theology.  Any psychology.  There is a lot to be done here.

So next time, you are in the area.  Do pop in, come and see what we are about.  Besides, we have the most incredible campus:


So that’s it for now. A bit about #Pneumatix and what I do. If you want to know more. Feel free to ask.


I must end off with this. In Secunda, one breathed in the pollution of Sasol. Here I keep singing the lyrics of Switchfoot to myself: “I can feel my lungs again”



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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