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Imagine 1783?

I subscribe to #Goodreads daily quotes.
The quote is an average one.
But what got me thinking… was the date of birth.

Can you imagine life back in 1783?

How do you see / think it was like? (Please feel free to comment below.)

I’d like to think life was less cluttered back then.
More simple, if you will.
The pace was more peaceful.
The issues of the world was were less complicated.
Perhaps teenagers grew up..
Less messed up?
Maybe parents were more present in their children’s lives?

Maybe there were less made up diseases and conditions.

There was definitely less technology noise.
People would have communicated with their mouths and eyes.
Nowdays we use our fingers and our “maybe” responses…

Ah, for a more uncluttered era.

I guess back then, there would be no way for me to share this blog post…

I guess I’m gonna press “publish” anyway… 😉



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