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Unusual Good Samaritans

Yesterday, after my run at the beach. (Wow, being the near the beach is very cool)
My car didn’t want to start. Battery was super flat! Three car gaurds came to try give me a push start – But battery was just too “pap!”

So I checked. I didn’t have jumper leads (I should invest in some soon.)
But I approach this rich guy sitting in his rich car. I asked him if he had any jumper cables. He eyed me as if I were bugging him – and gave me some excuse about “he’s not here for very long.” (Wait, did he think I was keen on camping out at the beach? It wasn’t my plan to be there to long either, punk!)

So then I decided I’d call my roadside assistance. (Apparently, our insurance comes with that.)

All the while, these three car guards kept asking each person returning to their car if they had cables for me.
Eventually, someone did.
And we set it all up… and “tada!” my car started!

The little lesson, I learnt is help comes from unusual places.

A rich guy brushes me aside…

And, these three car guards (who we’d so often brush aside) came to my aid.




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