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A blog about Golf

I don’t know much about golf.

But I heard this information about the famous St Andrew’s golf course (I don’t even know where it is. Some enlighten me, please?) in regards to their membership requirements.
(Heard from a church I visited this morning.)

And that is what grabbed my attention and got me thinking (and writing this…)

Besides, being super wealthy to be part of the St Andrew’s golf course. (You see, not just anybody can play there.)

Part of the membership requires that each member will caddie at least once a year for someone else there. No matter, how wealthy you are, or any other status you may have… You MUST caddie for someone else.

(I am going on what the preacher said. Not sure where to verify this information)

The idea behind that rule:

It reminds you that “you are part of that golf course, for the love of golf and not the love of wealth!”

Brilliant, hey?!



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