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Of colours and when you ‘feel blue’

I am so thrilled with the flowers and colours in our garden.  I must give credit to Elliott or the previous owners who threw seeds down in the flowerbed.  This summer the flowers have bloomed with conviction.

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When I look at the flowers each day I can’t help but smile. They’re stunning! It got me thinking about a conversation I had with my brother on feeling depressed.

(Now, I know depression is a complex thing) – and we’re no experts…

But what he and I spoke about made sense. And I am confident it would be helpful.
When one would “feel blue” – one could sit outside in their garden.
Or one could do half an hour exercise.
And now I add, one could tend to a garden. Water the flowers. Take out the weeds.
Or even, get yourself a pet. Caring for a dog, and receiving the love from a dog – would do wonders for anyone…

I think doing these things would help someone who is feeling depressive…

Your thoughts?



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2 thoughts on “Of colours and when you ‘feel blue’

  1. I’ve heard someone said: “happy people don’t have dead grass”
    I agree with you, when you’re feeling blue, water the garden or take a walk instead of go lying on your bed or just sitting on the couch.
    Nature always reminds us of the goodness of our Father.

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