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Claiming back Christmas

I came across this piece (an intro to some online sermon):


I like it!
The preacher sharing her thoughts:
She had felt despondent about Christmas.
The commercial side had swallowed the real purpose of that holy day.
I know I have felt that at times.
Perhaps, you too?

But we can claim back the day!
We can find the beauty in giving gifts to others (bring a smile to them)
Or making or getting well thought about gifts to bless others.
Or asking people instead of getting presents for yourself that they would give you gifts that you could donate to a children’s home or any other charity?

Be creative!

Then when it comes to sharing and making the meal for your loved ones.
Think again, about why you love them.
Send them a personal invite.

Or how about being even more radical!!
Open your home to strangers.
Invite two or three to join in on the festivities?

(I bet, you’re thinking “no way!” – but why not?)

Put back the joy and love and grace into Christmas!
Let’s claim back to festive day!
And phenomenal moment in our Christian calendar

Born is a King, still a relevant King…

Here are some of my favourite Christmas songs if you want to tune in:

  1. Born is the King

2) “So this is how it was…”)

3) Jingle Bells!



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