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Don’t write me off
I’m not done yet
I need you to believe in me

You could back off
Count your losses
I’d understand, it’s been done before

How does one break free?
How is the addiction destroyed for good?
How powerful are You actually?

I feel too much
It leaves me frustrated
Is he in Your reach?

It’s hard to see a light
In this dingy place
I feel stuck

Stepping forward into unfamiliar scares me
I revert backwards
It’s all I know

What will be the revelation?
What will be the final breakthrough?
When are You going to do something?

There is more
There is a better ending
A safe place to land

This post is inspired by  a person I know.  My heart breaks thinking about them.   I tried to put myself in their shoes.  Then as I was writing this – I thought of the song by The Almost:

Here are the words for the first verse:

I’m looking for some stable ground
Some kinda place to lay it down
And settle for a while
I’m sick of looking for a star
I won’t show anyone my scars
Can you help me out?
I wanna see a change in me

The rest of the lyrics can be found HERE



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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