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“Jesus is coming to town” ;)

I came across this “advert” recently:


The poster / advert disturbed me a bit.

Sometimes Christianity seems like a market place.  And Jesus is the product.

The text on the white background is fine.  We all need some encouragement and impartation (is this a new Christian word? 😉 haha!)

But the text on the grey background, starting with Revival! didn’t really sit well with me.  (But this is just my opinion, my two cents)

  • It seems like a marketing slogan.  it seems like all of the work of Jesus, the “outpouring of the Spirit” rests on these two individuals.
  • And it seems like South Africa needs to wait…Jesus isn’t going to do anything until the event….9 – 11 February is only when the revival starts.
  • And… can one really put a date on Revival?  In the Christian sense of the word?


Ironically, this little post, is a form of advertising of this event anyway… ha!



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