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Where’s my cow? (A lesson from Terry Pratchett)

I’m enjoying my first book by this author.

Discworld is a great place to discover. 

Prarchett’s humour is brilliant, classy and odd…

It’s funny… the places we discover life lessons:

So to set the seen: Sam Vimes needs to be home at six.  His fellow officer creates traffic jams in the city to help the chief of The Watch get home on time. Why?

“Six o’clock,  prompt. Every day. Read to Young Sam. No excuses. He’d promised himself that. No excuses.No excuses at all. Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses.”

How profound is that? 

He would always make that time to read to his child. There are certain ‘rituals’ or moments that one must always treasure…

No excuses! How often have we let in excuses in the past…? It’s stops now. No excuses!

And detective Vimes experiences something:”…but here in this quiet time…he never knew what to say. He was tongue-tied in the presence of a fourteen-month-old baby.”

So beautiful. 

P.S. where’s my cow? Is the title of the story he reads to his son.



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2 thoughts on “Where’s my cow? (A lesson from Terry Pratchett)

  1. I have also recently discovered Pratchett. His writing and world is simply fantastic. It’s a pity that he is no longer with us, but his writing remains to delight us. Enjoy!

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