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My “political speech”

In the wake of the local elections yesterday I have my two cents to offer. Take it or leave it:

“The two biggest parties are probably the ANC and DA.
And over the last few weeks we’ve all been flooded with sign pollution. All the parties promoting themselves. Offering some alluring promises. Although we’re all skeptical. These signs offering a good changed are strapped to light poles and bridges… I think about such things.

Sometimes these elections and these requests to vote for a certain party is about “the power” and “the position” in parliament.

We as the citizens of the country don’t care for that.
It would be great to know that our leaders are getting their hands dirty. Helping in community initiatives. And not even televising or “showing off” that they’re helping. Can you imagine seeing Zuma and Malema just being selfless and helping others>

Broken Homes

These are just a few of the many issues we face. But this post is not about that!!!

Regardless of the leaders elected. regardless of the endless and sometime pointless discussions they have. The way the corruption runs through their veins and the way the our taxes are being stolen and used for selfish gains.

We cannot put our HOPE in these fallible people.
WE can’t keep looking up… but rather start from ourselves?

We moan at how corrupt our government is?
How selfish they are?
How self serving?
How they don’t care?

BUT can we not ask and expect the same things of our own lives?

How corrupt are you?
How selfish are you?
How often are you self serving?
How often do you not care about those on your very doorstep?

The change for our country begins with it’s citizens.
Not only the leadership of the country.

Think about this. What’s happening in the 5km (or even 5 miles) radius around you?
Are there hungry people there?
Are there lonely people?
Is there brokenness?
Is there despair?

The action and the need is where you are at.
I respect an organisation like LeadSA.
They’re making a change.
They’re making an impact from where they are.
They’re not waiting on the “government to get right”
We might wait our whole lives!

Local businesses and churches get on board!
Many churches have become irrelevant.
Many business are too inward looking.

Help your communities.
You have the power and resources (finances and skills to care for those around you.
To help alleviate poverty.
To provide more jobs.
To care and help the broken.

We can use the religious institutions. (Because the churches and mosques have been far too quiet.) – What I know of each faith is that their mandate is to look outwards and care.

And businesses – share you resources please…
There is an environment to care for. There are people to love and help.

There is this great African philosophy: Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

“A person is a person because of people.”

How very true!
The change starts in our own homes.
And in our own communities.

We hope that a good party will take lead. We hope for an honest government. We hope that the corruption will stop. We hope our country will move forward. We hope that God (like He did in the Old Testament) will challenge and sway the minds and hearts of our leaders. After all He is God and can do that. So let’s pray for that.

But more than prayer, let’s be a people of action.
Who just give and damn and start caring for those right near us.
Handing over our own corrupt hearts and selfish ways.

That’s what I have to say. Thanks for reading; if you got this far.”



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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