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Prayer for election day:

Dear Jesus
Our land is hurting.
It needs a “plaster”
That plaster is You
Jesus our Saviour

We pray for a smooth election day with no violence.
We pray for the right leaders and parties to be elected.

We pray for peace and hope
We pray against unemployment and despair and brokenness

We put our faith in God first and foremost.
Not in a system
Not in a political party
Not in a religion
But in You

God, you changed the minds and hearts of many leaders before.
The scriptures show us that.

Do the same here and now in 2016.
Let our leaders not be swayed and led by corruption, greed, self-gain, power or any other selfish motives.

May they be led by You.
By love
By healing
By the desire to help people

God you are real.
Move among all the people of South Africa.

May we ourselves as individuals
Bring love and positive change and a helping hand to those around us.

We trust You.
In Jesus name we pray



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