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Don’t miss the opportunity to give a kind word…

Yesterday Catherine and I went to the mall to get some things.

I’d like to think I’m pretty observant and often notice a lot going on around me.

When we arrived at our parking bay I noticed the car guard (person who watches your car when you park it) directing an elderly lady out of her parking space.

He was very good at directing her. But I didn’t bother telling him that..

After our shopping and returning to the car the same guy helped direct us. Again a great job. He was in line sight of my side mirror so I could see exactly and very precise how he was directing me.

I could have complimented him on a good job there and then..

But I let the moment pass by again… 😦

Instead I just handed him a coin and said to him “thank you” —>

But I said thank you three times. (Catherine noticed).

I was on auto pilot.

I thanked him with no sense of conviction. Just going through motions.

I realised my error. And felt bad.

I’m gonna work on being even more present with others.

And offer kind words when I can…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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