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The Comrades…

I got to watch some of the Comrades on Sunday.  (During my study breaks)
My sister in law and some friends took part.
Wow, a serious achievement to run just short of 90km!!!

I’m a fair weather occasional runner. But to run that distance… oh my word!!! Madness. 😉

Anyway, I am thinker… so here are some thoughts:

-Congrats first to David Gatebe for breaking and setting a new record:
5 hours, 18 minutes, 19 seconds… That’s really fast!
– He basically could have run that race twice through and still beat the last stragglers… 😉
– It’s such a great South African event. Black and white and Indian, altogether, running and cheering. There are moments when I am so proud of SA. That being one of them.
– The fact that people would stand there all day. Most supporters don’t know anyone in particular, running… but they spend the whole day cheering for the runners. Imagine those runners ran that route with no-one supporting them. A lot more of them would not make it.
– There is something is beautiful about the generosity of people. To stand and cheer. That definitely motivates the runners to keep on going…
– I can imagine the mental strength it takes too, for each runner.
– The human spirit is a brilliant thing.

– Also, people come from all over the world to run The Comrades. For real? You’d fly out to our country to run… ? People and their interests make them do all sorts of peculiar things…

– It’s always so heartbreaking seeing people who don’t make the final cut off. But I want to encourage them from the comfort of my couch.
“You didn’t do it in the allotted 12 hours… but heck you still did it! I’m on the couch. Loads of other spectators could never have done what you have done. So respect to you. And I hope next year… you make the cut off time.”
– And even if they don’t try again. They still know in their hearts, that they ran the race.
– The person who wins – is obviously thrilled.
– but the person who comes in at 7 hours
– Or 8 hours
– Or 9 hours
– Or 10 – 12 hours…when they cross the line:

– How thrilled do they look? They achieved their GOAL. They completed the race.
– The real competition was against themselves and the actual challenge of running all the way.

Kudos to all who took part! Seriously, epic!




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