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One Day without Shoes – 2016

Today TOMS – one day without shoes took place.  With the hashtag #withoutshoes we were challenged to go one day without shoes… here are my observations:



(I write this as an almost “dear diary” entry… I don’t care who reads this. I don’t care how many “views” I may get. This day, was about me, stepping out of my bubble…)

We have tiles in our home.
So as I started the day barefoot
My feet were cold – with the chill running through my whole body.
I thought it’s going to be a long day. But I had set the challenge to myself.
To be aware of poverty around the world.

From the cold tiles of our home I cycled to work.
There is mist engulfing the neighbourhood town.

I felt the cool air on my feet as I pressed down on my metal pedals…
that has perforated edges…

I had to buy prepaid electricity at the local Spar. I could feel the cold of the shop floor too.
(It’s amazing how many surfaces we tread on daily)

Sitting in the office was better. My feet warmed up.

I went to listen to my wife deliver a talk at a nearby old age home.
I had to brave my feet and face the cold again.

The sun had come out a bit, so being outside wasn’t too bad this time.
But the sharp metal edges of my pedal are not fun to press down on…

I cycled past a primary school. I saw that all the kids had shoes on. I then thought that in some parts of our country, poverty is rife and some kids don’t wear any shoes…

At the old age home, I got some stares. Because of the no shoes.
I wondered…if they thought “how disrespectful of this young man” to arrive at a “bible study session” – with no shoes.
If only they knew why I was doing this.

After the talk, one of the men inquired about my “no shoes.” So I am glad I had a chance to share the #withoutshoes story.

I had to go across the church yard to take down a notice board in the adjacent building. I walked over some paper thorns. (Ouch!)
Then with that notice board we had to grind through the screws. I had to make sure that sparks didn’t burn me.

It’s funny how in a usual day, we are so unaware of our feet and footing.
But being barefoot changes that a lot…

After my ride home, I got to shower. My feet weren’t even that dirty…imagine those who walk barefoot on a daily basis… after three days… there feet must be filthy!

Also the surfaces I walked on today… were rather tame…
The shoe-less ones – they walk on tougher and harder and dirtier and unhealthier surfaces.

I wanted to quit earlier tonight. I thought. I’m home now. surely I can wear socks or slippers.

But that would be cheating… the day isn’t finish yet. so I need to stick it out on this cold floor in our home.

During this day, I thought of my friend who fasted her “sight” for a few days. Imagine surrendering that?

I just sacrificed shoes…

I then thought further, I wonder how many people in my town of Secunda; took part in this? Perhaps no others…

The remaining 44999 carried on their usual lives.
But hey, I’m not pointing fingers… There are so many causes that I am unaware of.
There are struggles among many people that I am so ignorant about.

Truth is, a lot of us, live in bubble. It’s time we pop that bubble…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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