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Lifting up Leicester

Lifting up Leicester
I just have this get this off my chest or out of my mind.

I have never lived in Leicester.
I haven’t visited it either.
Maybe in my life, I will get to visit it one day.

Regardless if I do or not – I seriously want to celebrate with them.
They’re not even my team.
I am an avid Chelsea supporter.
But I’ve only taken a keen interest in football over the last 7 or 8 years.

I loved it when Chelsea won the champions league in 2012 and when they won the premiere league last year (2015).

I was in South Africa when we hosted the world cup in 2010.
I remember when the Springboks won the world cup back in 1995.
I have experienced some cool things.

Now, this Leicester win, there is just something about it.
The world,
The sporting world are witnessing history in the making.

Their squad is like a 10th of the value of the bigger clubs.

In all my years of knowing about football, I’ve always heard:

“Chelsea this… Manchester United this… Manchester City this… Liverpool this… Arsenal this…”

But now: LEICESTER! Wow!

The scriptures tell a story called “David and Goliath.”
Against all odds (and the help of God) – David, a small weedy guy takes on the giant and kills him.

Leicester City winning the premiere league is a modern day “David and Goliath” story.

The manager used a small squad of 23 players.
(Some of the bigger teams have a larger pool of players to draw from.)

It just feels so exciting being alive at this time to witness such a big event in history.

(Yes, some may say it’s just “sports” – however how often have we seen, how sports brings together a people, a nation.

Imagine being a resident in Leicester. You would be so ecstatic!

I’ve been following the football news over the last few hours.

Claudio Ranieri looks so grateful and so thrilled about his great achievement. Imagine how he must be feeling.

In a time where, there seems to be no loyalty among football players. A lot of them seem more concerned about their egos and their pay-cheques… LCFC showed us something different, something fresh. And what is great too is that a lot of their squad are English players. Not foreigners. That’s a very cool fact too.

And have any of you seen the lookalike of Jamie Vardy? How uncanny, someone in the same town as the football star – they’re look very similar. Wow, Lee Chapman must have been surprised when he was pulled onto the team bus.

See the article: Jamie Vardy lookalike

Anyway, this has been a fascinating Premiere League season.
Obviously have been disappointed by my team, Chelsea’s performance.
But it will be exciting to see their comeback.

Haha, now I feel better having expressed this. Take it or leave it.

For the love of the game.



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