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For the love of meetings / for the love of God

For the love of meetings / for the love of God

I’m not a fan of meetings.
I’ve been in plenty boring ones.
I’ve been in some very long ones.

Had two meetings this past weekend – However I took a different approach when attending them.

Gathered were people who love God and love the change and mission He is bringing into our local context.
God is on the move. We get to be part of that.
When there is nothing “to discuss” it could mean… the church is ineffective. It doesn’t have goals or ideas…

You see the people who meet.
– If they just like meetings for meetings sake
– Or if they “feel important”
– Or they like the sound of their own voice with their long winded speeches.

That’s not a ‘healthy’ place to be. (For lack of a better word)

But when those people who meet love God.  Then we’re talking.  Then we’re onto something good.

  • All organisations need meetings to take stock and plan to go forward.
  • Likewise in the church.
  • But let’s not waffle.
  • Let’s walk in step with God’s mission.


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