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Driving for Dummies (Pedestrian Crossings)

Sigh!  A vent post.  What’s with drivers not stopping at Pedestrian crossings?  So annoying and selfish! 😦

And one of the rules of the road….

  • I get it.  If pedestrians are “jay walking” – then fine, you don’t need to stop.
  • They should cross at the designated areas.
  • But when, they are there?  Regardless if there is a traffic light at the crossing or not… can you PLEASE just STOP for pedestrians?
  • Stop being so selfish and so unaware of us trying to cross the road.
  • A signs of first world thinking  is to be considerate of others on the road.  Even pedestrians.
  • Come to think of it… if drivers stopped at pedestrian crossings – then there may just be less “jay walking”
  • Because people cross anywhere these days, because they know that drivers don’t care enough to stop…
  • PLEASE be considerate!




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