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The day I appeared in the newspaper

Last week, I had to honour of making an appearance in the local newspaper, The Bulletin here in Secunda.


Funny thing, the lady who cleans our church, told me when she saw my picture, she thought I had died (thankfully not yet) – apparently people appear in the paper when they have passed on…


– I’m not a resident of Secunda, (well, I’m not from here, originally) and it’s humbling to get a piece written about me.

– I’ve read some of the other “human interest” stories – and they’re amazing.

But, be that as it may… I hope God would use my story in some way…

The day, the paper was printed I got two calls about recycling.  I also got a massive thank you from the Sizithande Recycle Centre – so that’s helped our relationship/connection too.

I wasn’t entirely sure what the focus was of the article was;

  1. i) If geocaching, were a religion – it got good exposure…
  2. ii) The church I worked for – got mentioned – who knows that bring some exposure for them

iii) The recycling project – I started has done so well.  And that definitely got exposure… One of my expressions as a follower of God is to care for His world.

(I don’t know how someone can say that love God and life He gives and yet destroy / and not care for His world.  Litter irks me immensely!)

Funniest, the day that I appeared in the paper – as I cycled to the shop later…  I kept wondering if people were thinking and pointing at me “Isn’t that the guy from the paper?”

Thankfully not! 😉

So Creator God, thank you for the opportunity.

(I’m sure there is a book called: 101 things to do before you die… being in a newspaper… may be done of them.  Check.)

Over and out…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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