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Numbers 7

The bible can be a difficult book.  But if you sit with it.  If you ask God to reveal things to you. Truth is, He will.  I sat with these 89 verses.  And this is what i discovered about Numbers 7.

The whole passage can be found here

But the part that grabbed my attention was:

“13 His offering consisted of a silver platter weighing 3 1⁄4 pounds and a silver basin weighing 1 3⁄4 pounds[b] (as measured by the weight of the sanctuary shekel). These were both filled with grain offerings of choice flour moistened with olive oil. 14 He also brought a gold container weighing four ounces,[c] which was filled with incense. 15 He brought a young bull, a ram, and a one-year-old male lamb for a burnt offering,16 and a male goat for a sin offering. 17 For a peace offering he brought two bulls, five rams, five male goats, and five one-year-old male lambs.”

That part, those EXACT words are repeated 12 times in the passage.  I wondered about that.  I would have just wrote it simply as in the author (writer’s) summary from verse 84:

“84 So this was the dedication offering brought by the leaders of Israel at the time the altar was anointed: twelve silver platters, twelve silver basins, and twelve gold incense containers. 85 Each silver platter weighed 3 1⁄4 pounds, and each silver basin weighed 1 3⁄4 pounds. The total weight of the silver was 60 pounds[d] (as measured by the weight of the sanctuary shekel). 86 Each of the twelve gold containers that was filled with incense weighed four ounces (as measured by the weight of the sanctuary shekel). The total weight of the gold was three pounds.[e]87 Twelve young bulls, twelve rams, and twelve one-year-old male lambs were donated for the burnt offerings, along with their prescribed grain offerings. Twelve male goats were brought for the sin offerings.88 Twenty-four bulls, sixty rams, sixty male goats, and sixty one-year-old male lambs were donated for the peace offerings. This was the dedication offering for the altar after it was anointed.”

But no… that’s not the case… the same offering, same specs, same weights is rewritten and mentioned 12 times in one passage.  What is with that?  What can we learn from this? After sitting with the passage.  Praying about.  Letting the Spirit lead my thoughts I came up with this.  Take it or leave it:

  1. Maybe the repetition is there to help the readers and the leaders of each tribe (back, at the time of writing) to remember the instructions clearly.  In repetition comes remembering?
  2. Maybe there is something in going through all 12 exact offerings related to our lives.  You may feel you are in the “fifth offering” of your life?  Don’t despair.  Keep on keeping on.  You need to get through the other seven.  Maybe God wants to say… you need to do “the same things” for now.  Keep at it.  Don’t lose heart.
  3. God’s instruction is for everyone.  12 represents completeness.  “Everyone has instruction from God” – God connects with all.  Thing is, will you listen?
  4. What do the offerings themselves teach us about our worship today?  We need an aspect of “sin offering” to our worship.  In other words, we need to repent.  say sorry to our Maker.  Then the peace offering is interesting too.  Are you peace with others?  Jesus mentioned that too.  “Go and be reconciled to your brother (sister) before you offer your gift at the altar.”  Also, can we be at “peace with God” ?  Because sometimes we may arrive at places where He is with “warring hearts.”  Make amends with Him.  relent to His grace.
  5. The burnt offering part – the aroma of the offering on the altar was to be a pleasing one to God.  How is our worship?  Does God see the posture of our heart and think:  “yes, this person is for me.  I see their dedication and love”

So those are my thoughts on Numbers 7.  What do you think?


I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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