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Pieces of April

I’ve been writing these little pieces.  Thought i’d share them with you:

Piece 1

I threw away the mat
That we could place things on
Because it reminded me of the unraveling.

I’m sure we stood there sure
Well in their eyes it was for certain

But oh my dear
Dispelling our darkness
Is no easy feat

Time has gone on
With these pieces what could we do?

They can remind us of things broken
Or as we know many pieces make a whole.
A puzzling effect of where we are now.

Lost and found
Breathing in breathing out.

Piece 2

My head is spinning.
Just as fast as this planet.
I stand here still

But its an illusion
Racing thoughts every second

When did life become so big?
I’m full of doubt and debt and desires and…
Waiting to be made.

I queue here.
Every day tasks
Dreams – big and small

Someone relies on me.
I rely on me too.

I can’t freeze frame this all.
I stand
And busy.

Piece 3

Love had a meeting
it had this standing agreement
take it or leave it – it suggested
so isn’t it any wonder

he wonders what he feels
as he is naked before her
with all his clothes on

she wonders what it is
under his rugged rough arms
she finds her safe haven

he wonders why
his heart still skips a beat
when she walks in

she wonders how
she feels so brave
with his encouraging support

the best love is the comfortable kind
even when things are uncomfortable
love must be a wonder-ful thing
they wondered…

1) Which one do you like?
2) What is your interpretation of them?



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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