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Overtaking Solidarity

On the weekend as I was driving from Secunda to Jo-burg, I noticed how I felt when I let someone over take me (moving slightly to the left) – they would pass, then put their hazard lights on briefly to thank me for; and I in return, would flash them (with my brights) briefly.

And likewise, if I over took another vehicle – the same “communication: would occur.

There is beautiful humanity in that. A wonderful sense of solidarity.

(When people would not thank me, I’d be slightly annoyed / And it doesn’t take much effort for me to thank a fellow driver or acknowledge their gratitude.)

Manners shouldn’t die. Chivalry is not dead!



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4 thoughts on “Overtaking Solidarity

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I find that the simple gesture of a quick wave of the hand in acknowledgement of a gesture of common courtesy goes a long way. It would be far nicer if everyone felt the same.

    1. Generally. But not all the times. Saffas also moan a lot. 😉 and in the small towns of England.. like Bicester I discovered friendly and loyal English folk.

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