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Shizz of the week (14th March ->)


Came across these two quotes.  I liked them, so I’m gonna share with you:

“The most simple rule for good prayer is honesty and humility.  One can never go wrong with those two.  Talk honestly to God.  Don’t give God the self you think you’re supposed to be.  Give God yourself in your nakedness, who you really are, even if that means giving God your anger or distractions.”   Richard Rohr

“It is not your responsibility to explain what God is doing with your life.  He has not provided enough information for you to figure it out.  Instead, you are asked to turn loose and let God be God.” James Dobson

Somehow – they resonate with me in my life right now.

Richard Rohr also wrote THIS POST on the Shape of the Universe – i think you will like it…

Of singing in the rain

As an early birthday present I took Catherine to watch Singing in the Rain – what an excellent show!

The scene with the rain was one of the many incredible and well done scenes:

I find this fact about the usage of water interesting:

“To achieve the iconic rain sequence in this production, WATER SCULPTURES, a UK based company, designed and engineered the efficient and remarkable system which is used in the show.

Two tanks containing 6000 liters of water each, located offstage, and through a series of valves, pumps and interlocks, and nearly half a mile of flexible piping, this water is pumped to a holding tank, where it is slightly warmed for the comfort of the performers. 16 nozzles rigged in the fly tower above the stage create a downpour from above, and at the same time, water is pumped from below the stage to create a pool of water on the specially engineered decking onstage.

This creates the puddles and splashes in the street scene during the well known song and dance number ‘Singin’ in the Rain’.

Whilst a little water is splashed into the first three rows of the auditorium (known as the Splash Zone) during the scene, most of the water is drained back into the holding tanks, ready to be recycled for the next performance.”

It was a great moment to slow down life and enjoy some good theatre.  Loved it.  And to see how my wife was thoroughly enjoying it was extra special.

The costumes and dancing (especially the tap dancing) were brilliant! True to the title of one of the songs “Make ’em laugh” – we got our fair share of laughter.  I loved the “Good Morning” song the best – and expectantly “Singing in the rain” was also a favourite.

I’d definitely recommend this show.  Actually – most theatre is good… book a show.  Thank you Computicket.

Of phone-cover loyalty

My phone cover died recently. (wear and tear) So I had to replace it.  I was just pondering to myself (and now in front of you, the reader) how such a little “material object” served me so well.  Over the two years of it’s life if I dropped my phone that cover protected the screen.  The little magnet that closed the cover… would seem to go MIA (missing in action) and then a day later appear back on my phone cover.  I smile at those bizarre memories.

Of Monsters and Men

On the 2nd April, Catherine and I get to see this great band.  Can’t wait.  Thank you to SowingTheSeeds festival for organizing for us to see these rad bands…

Plus I just had to show you a song for the week too.  Also what is cool… this band is from Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland.  A few years back I got to visit that magical town…

also was very stoked to get this Exposure

Thanks to OUR DAILY BREAD for a public platform to share my works and writing

Have a grand week!




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