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An honest interview with the church (completed)

Over the last few weeks, I conducted an interview with “the church” as part of my Sacred Spaces blog.  The idea was to enlighten people who don’t know much about the church.  I also wanted to challenge the church itself to examine some of it’s odd activities.  Below is a list with a link to each question.  I hope this encourages you in some way, makes you laugh in others and even makes you cringe.  (Because then perhaps you’d be convicted to challenge the status-quo?) Click on the question that intrigues you or grabs your attention:

Here is the Introduction

Question 1 – What’s with the singing in church?

Question 2 – Why is it important to meet each week?

Question 3 – What is with the predictability of each service?

Question 4 – What is with the reading of things off the screen?

Question 5 – What is with the whole church membership thing?

Question 6 – Do I really need to serve / participate in the ‘life of the church’?

Question 7 – Is the church relevant today & why do Christians like holding hands in church? 😉

Question 8 – Is Jesus not just a product, similarly a soft-drink company?

Question 9 – Why are there so many churches?

Question 10 – Why are Christians so judgemental and why are churches full of hypocrites?

Feel free to share this with others.  And do add or share your thoughts if you like.


(The ‘internet found’ picture is of the Abbey Church of St Albans, England – the town where my dad lives. I have visited this church once or twice.  There was something so profound about those experiences.)




I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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