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Shizz of the week (29 Feb ->)

Welcome to the Leap Year, extra day 🙂

i) There always has to be SONG OF THE WEEK.  Wow, i love this new TFK song:

ii) Some inspiration for it:

“All the water in the oceans cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside. Nor can all the trouble in the world harm us unless it gets within us.” Eugene Peterson

And one from Richard Rohr:

“The reveals the of human consciousness and human readiness for a Divine Affair.”


iii) OF BLOGS.

I am so impressed with my previous boss (colleague in faith), Andrew Robinson he wrote this excellent blog: On love being all around

So inspired!

iv) Of preaching:

I love having the opportunity to preach.  This previous Sunday I spoke of how we receive “information” on a daily basis.  and how we need to learn how to filter what comes in and even what goes on.  what info is necessary?  sometimes life is too noisy – and not just the audio kind of noise.  Perhaps we need to “unsubscribe” from some info, some noise.  Because a lot of it has just become clutter…

Martha focused on the “wrong info” – she focused on the info that suggested – food needs to be prepared.  Dishes need to be washed.  Ordinarily, those are necessary things to do.  But in this case – Jesus visiting them -> Mary chose the right information.  Because people precede processes and information…

I ended with guarding our wellspring:


v) Of recycling:

On Saturday, again, I got to help with the Sasol Swap Shop initiative.  Local youths from Emba (location outside Secunda) bring along recycled goods: glass, plastic and tin.  This is converted into a credit value.  Those kids (and families) can use that to buy things from the shop.  and now even claim vouchers from Pick and Pay (local supermarket):


It’s so good to be part of such a good constructive project.  Besides… how can people live without recycling… I feel too guilty to throw recyclable goods away

vi) Of our new home:

Catherine and I – for the first six months of our married life were “house sitting.”  It was great to be living in a big house.  with lots of space and internet and even a domestic worker who did our washing twice a week.  But near the end of it… we got tired of it.  we craved our own space.

On the weekend, we moved into our new little cosy home.  My wife suggested it feels like a holiday home.  Spot on!  That’s so true.  using our own crockery and cutlery etc – feels so amazing.  Hmm, life and it’s little comforts.

Have a good week!




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