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Life and Corruption

I just finished reading The Dirty Game by Andrew Jennings.


It’s about:

In The Dirty Game, investigative reporter and BBC Panorama presenter Andrew Jennings, who has been heralded around the world for his decade-long pursuit of this story, uncovers the eye-watering level of fraud and criminal activity at the heart of FIFA, which has been described as the biggest sporting scandal of the century.


Throughout the book some thoughts came to mind:

After reading about all this exposure to the corruption in FIFA – I still love the game of football. I believe there is still a lot of goodness in the game.

I did for a moment think that Chelsea‘s poor performance this season was linked to some sort of behind the scenes corruption.

But I won’t entertain that thought. Not each player can be bribed…
Besides I do believe there are still so many players across the BPL, the smaller English leagues and all across Europe who still play for the love of the game.

I’m thankful alongside others that there are investigative journalists who are exposing corruption. That is their offering to making the world a better place.

I will leave it to them. And in the mean time I’ll continue to enjoy the game.

There is a life parallel to that.
Being a South African I’m surrounded by a nation riddled with corruption.
A dishonest government.
Even our local community is rife of stealing money and being super inefficient with funding and their supposed service to our town.

But life must go on.
I can choose to look at all the corruption and be bleak.

Or I can look at the beautiful things of life around me.

I’m not talking of being ignorant and not being part of the solution.
Where there is an opportunity to challenge and call out the corrupt system – then you and I must do so.

But there are those – who have a life purpose to help the greater nation combat corruption.
Lawyers / good politicians.
Even great organisations like LEADSA

To those people. Thank you.

So like the scriptures say – the weeds and good crops grow together…but in the end.. the junk will be eradicated.

Likewise in our lifetimes:
Corruption and life stand alongside one another.

May life prevail! 🙂



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