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The Resurrection Bias

I was thinking recently how in these modern times on the faith in Jesus journey we have this resurrection bias.

We look at the disciples who hid away in terror after the crucifixion of Jesus.  They were filled with confusion and fear.  What was going to happen?  He said he would be raised from the dead.  Is that even possible?

We as modern readers – want to point fingers and judge them for having little faith.  And entertaining doubt and worry.  But that don’t have the luxury of what we have:


We KNOW the full story. We can just TURN OVER THE PAGE, literally.  And know that there is RESURRECTION!

Some modern followers of Jesus stay fixated on the crucifixion.
Perhaps they need to move forward to the resurrection.

And there is possible something in that in how we approach people who don’t believe in God. Maybe they live with the idea… death is final. There is no resurrection. Perhaps they are like those “unsure” disciples. Not knowing the FULL story.

Give them time.

And speaking of resurrection. Rob Bell has this brilliant inspiring video.  Check it out:



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